Why I’m Excited About The World of Mobile at The Moment

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I am a die-hard Android fan, who in recent times tasted what I thought would be the bitter fruit when I got a Blackberry device. But I was proven wrong. I used to dismiss Blackberry with a swift wave of my hand. Why would I ever want to use or even think about using one?, I used to ask myself.

Fast forward to today and my BlackBerry phone has integrated nicely into my daily life. My mails, social networking and the occasional phone call all work seamlessly and to some extent I ask myself why I didn’t get it sooner rather than later. This one-on-one experience has taught me that no matter how much you hate something, you can never really know it until you give it a try and experience it for yourself.

Of recent, Windows Phone has taken BlackBerry’s place as the mobile operating system that I dislike (not hate). Well, maybe not Windows Phone itself, but the Nokia Lumia Series. Yes, I know that I might use one tomorrow and then change my stance, but please let a man hate in peace 🙂

Part of the reason for this dislike of Lumia is the fact that I wish that the Lumia 920 ran Android. Imagine a Lumia 920 running Android. That sexy design and the PureView technology! Why would I not hate the fact that it is on a closed source, non-customisable OS that is the direct opposite of what I love?

Despite my current peeves and sentiments though, I think that I will be getting strong doses of geekgasm this year because of the sheer amount of Operating Systems that are looking like nice alternatives to my beloved Android. I love Android, but that does not mean that I do not ache for something different at times. If you have come across any video demo-ing BlackBerry 10, Sailfish OS, Tizen, or even Ubuntu OS, you will agree with me that they are all different. Refreshingly so.

These OSes may take the same “slab” form factor that I know a certain Mo dislikes but their User Interfaces (UI) are a breath of fresh air as opposed to what is on the market now. One common thing I have noticed however is that the three new OS are all gesture based. Navigating through their UI is as simple as a pull here, and a swipe there, plus intuitive new features like obtains on the new Blackberry 10 camera for example.

Another thing that seems to be common among this new breed of operating system is the fact that to a major extent they are/or can be made compatible with Android, so it is highly likely that Android apps might run well on them. Good for me; yes?

So, yes; I am excited as to what this new year is bringing in terms of mobile. Android is still my first love, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot have a sidechick in form of one of these exciting new prospects. What are you most excited about mobile this year? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: Mr Mo already wrote a post titled 2013: BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Tizen, and Sailfish, this post is just my own take on the matter. Cheers!


  1. This current BB no way, awful battery life, not upto par camera, cant play HD videos

    BB 10 may be, provided it’s not super expensive.
    I still miss my E6i and that’s why I have a soft spot for the BB10 qwerty.

    Of all the OS coming, I feel am more interested in Ubuntu and BB10

    what am most interested about this year is to see what will happen to Nokia and BB

  2. I just like the competition that is going to follow as a consequence of these numerous operating systems trying to find following in the already tight mobile market. It means that those on top and wish to remain on top will keep innovating and those trying to gain acceptance will need to work even harder to be recognized.

    Consumers are the ones to benefit even more. I hope someone is doing something to bring superior battery performance on mobile devices this year.

  3. Android is still my first love, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot have a sidechick in form of one of these exciting new prospects.

    lol, true tho

    eyeing the ubuntu os. not pleased with the way firefox looked or previewed in the video. bb 10 is far from my mind, thanks to the browsing work arounds.

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