Apple has announced iOS 8, and with it comes new features. With this new version of the OS, it is interesting to see Apple copy

iOS 8: iMessage copies WhatsApp & others; still redundant

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Apple has announced iOS 8, and with it comes new features. With this new version of the OS, it is interesting to see Apple copy features from every major instant messaging app/service available and implement these in its proprietary messaging service, iMessage.

It is even more interesting to see how no-one is talking about how doomed iMessage is. The truth is that in a world where instant messaging has long gone multi-platform, iMessage in its current form is not relevant in the grand scheme. Like many things Apple, only users within its walls can message one another. If it wasn’t Apple involved, we would have a din of multiple commentaries about how iMessage is useless, irrelevant, or dead. But no. Apple’s PR works well.

The truth remains that the rest of the world are able to communicate with users across various platforms via competing services like BBM, WhatsApp, Viber, ChatOn and others. In such a world of cross-platform messaging, iMessage is totally irrelevant to everyone outside of Apple’s walls. Eventually, Apple will have to dance to a new tune or just.. well.. have the service stay irrelevant, or eventually die off.


  1. Apple says 500 million people use imessage daily, well that’s true, cause that’s the go to app for text messaging on iPhone.

    in Android/Windows/BlackBerry/dumbphones case it would be safe to say over 2 billion people use text messaging daily, and now with the unification of text and hangouts on Android can’t we quote a greater figure for hangouts usage.

    Apple quit misdirecting me.:-)

  2. I wouldn’t write off iMessage for some time yet. iMessage, unlike WhatsApp etc, integrates with SMS services, so anyone you know who uses iMessage, you’re simply having an IM conversation without swapping apps.

    Add to that it works across a number of devices. As it is, at work I can iMessage someone at work using an iPad, or even a MacBook. Don’t forget whole families have iDevices, so to communicate with each other via iMessage isn’t that alien an idea.

    I don’t think you can quite compare it with BBM, as BBMs field was limited to phones and if you were lucky PlayBook.

    Personally I’m not a fan of iMessage, I stopped using it ages ago because the messages never came through and when they did, it was a week later. Attachments never worked. I doubt this new iteration will convince me any more than it did before.

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