Nokia USA thinks that the Lumia 635 is a better deal than the iPhone 6. Here are the stuff they are throwing against the $700

Why Lumia 635 is a better deal than iPhone 6

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Lumia 635 versus iPhone 6

Nokia USA thinks that the Lumia 635 is a better deal than the iPhone 6. Here are the stuff they are throwing against the $700 iPhone:

Lumia 635 with the following services:

  • MixRadio free music streaming
  • Xbox
  • Lync
  • OneDrive with at least 15GB free storage
  • Office suite

Plus the following accessories:

  • Lumia 635 rear shell
  • Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker
  • Nokia Portable Universal Charger
  • Coloud Knock on-ear headphones
  • Coloud Pop in-ear headset
  • Nokia Treasure Tag

Everything put together for the Lumia still comes to a small fraction of what the iPhone 6 costs. Good deal? You be the judges.



  1. Please let nobody even mention the product of a pervert-run company in comparison with better phone brands again.

  2. I don’t agree….

    To those who know about iOS and iPhone 6, the iPhone is the better deal here.

    iPhone 6 has the following services:

    Free streaming of iTunes Radio (world’s largest collection of online music).
    I prefer PlayStation. You can play some PS games after installing the app on the iPhone. PS games can be played on an iPhone after installing an emulator (no jailbreak required). Additionally, I can still use the iPhone as a controller for the Xbox using the SmartGlass app which is free in the App Store.
    Lync is also free in the App Store.
    iCloud free 5GB. Installing One Drive on my iPhone entitled me to 15GB free. Uploading photos to One Drive entitled me to another 15GB. Means I have free 30GB on One Drive. Additionally, I have 15GB free from Google Drive which Lumia owners can’t have.
    iWork for iOS – Pages, Numbers and Keynote (Word, Excel and Powerpoint respectively). iWork is more robust and intuitive in functionality and fully supports MS Office. Office is also available for the iPhone in the App Store. Additionally, iPhone has Google Docs, Sheets and Slides (free in the app store) which Lumia don’t. Furthermore, many 3rd party apps exists.

    All the accessories listed just makes the Lumia more clumsy.

    If you’ve invested in Google services, please run away from Lumia phones. Your life will be a living hell. Lumia and any phone that runs windows does not support Gmail, Google Map, Google Drive, Youtube etc officially. Google makes excellent iPhone apps. I once heard that the iPhone is one of the best Google phones….I totally agree.

    PS: That black phone in this flyer is not an iPhone 6. It looks more like an iPhone 5. iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 don’t have the rounded square in the home button.

  3. Hi, Windows Phone supports Gmail. Plus there are third party apps for Google maps and YouTube. Oh yea, third party, but they work.

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