Findings from my research is that the thinnest Lumia till date is the 830. It has an 8.5mm girth. The Lumia line-up has never been

Why Microsoft’s Lumias need to trim down

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Lumia 830 Edge

Findings from my research is that the thinnest Lumia till date is the 830. It has an 8.5mm girth. The Lumia line-up has never been great at slimness and lightness. I understand the premise. Nokia has always built phones that could take a little beating or that could be used in self defence in the case of physical assault. Phones with heft feel more solid. But ultimately, I think that thinner and lighter smartphones feel more comfortable in the hand and in the pocket.

I am holding two 5-inch smartphones in my hand here – Lumia 930 and Innjoo One 3G – and the latter feels way more comfortable in the hand. The 930 is a full 9.8mm thick while the One 3G is only 6.9mm thick. The Lumia 930 also weighs much more. Also, while I consider the BlackBerry Passport a more capable device to carry around daily, I can’t deny that the much lighter Innjoo begs me to pick it up every time I am heading out. If there are two things about the Passport that bother me, they are the 9.3 mm thickness and 150g weight.

Where the extra thickness delivers a practical benefit like much better battery life, but except for Lumia phablets like the 1520 and 1320, that hasn’t been the case here.

Across all price ranges, Lumias tend to be the thickest of devices when lined up against competing products. Microsoft needs to start pushing much slimmer devices with waistlines below 8mm. And they need to churn out some really lightweight smartphones. Besides being more comfortable, it is good for marketing. Imagine the headline: “Microsoft outs Lumia 940 with 6.5mm thickness!”

Go for slim. Get rid of the heft. The result will be more delightful smartphones for Windows Phone lovers and something extra to pique the interest of non lovers and users. That’s why Lumias need to get on a diet ASAP.

Speaking of thickness, I do not understand why HTC’s new flagship, One M9, has a 9.6 mm waist. A flagship. In 2015. For what? Its main competition, the Galaxy S6, has a 6.8 mm thickness. Haba, HTC!


  1. actually read the headline and thought the article would be about trimming the Lumia product line. heft and thickness have never been an issue for me, the Lumias I’ve held feel comfortable in my hand

  2. Agree with 3rd World Techie there; I like the “solid” feel of Lumias. Makes me feel…complete.

  3. Since the mobile world is gravitating towards slim and sleek designs, Lumias should tow same line to stay in business. After all, we consumers follow trend.

  4. I like the fact that the 930 doubles as a lethal weapon. No Injoo or Galaxy A can compete!!

  5. With the new metal frame and panel on the Samsung Galaxy S6, it could double as bullet proof you know.

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