Earlier this week, I was buzzed up by long time mobilista, Oday Saleh AKA NaijaBature. He has followed MOBILITY.ng for years. Forget his skin colour;

Why NaijaBature rocks the Gionee M2

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Moverick and NaijaBature

Earlier this week, I was buzzed up by long time mobilista, Oday Saleh AKA NaijaBature. He has followed MOBILITY.ng for years. Forget his skin colour; he is 100% Nigerian. He was born and raised here and has lived all his life here. He knows the corners of Lagos better than I do, and his pidgin English no get part two, as we say around here. Anyway, Oday invited me out and treated me to a rich lunch and even richer discussions.

We talked for hours about MOBILITY blog and about Nigeria. He is a fan of BlackBerry and loved my Passport at first sight but refused to touch it for fear that he would have to return home to explain to madam why he broke his savings to buy one without telling her. He is no fan of Windows smartphones though, especially because of the bright colours of most Lumia devices. But he did say that my white Lumia 930 looked the part.

One of the things we talked about was his preferred phone. NaijaBature is a good story teller. Without naming the device and while keeping it out of sight all that time, he dived into the account of how he is unable to bear with poor battery life in a smartphone (me too!), and how as a tech worker, he also needs a phone that lets him do everything possible. He found his platform of choice in Android OS, but found that most of them were crappy when it comes to battery life. He recounted his woes with one phone or the other dying out on him after 3 hours of non-stop use. All this while, we are tucking away at a huge pizza, fries and drinks.

Gionee M2 front

Finally, he spoke of his current device, a smartphone that takes him through two to three days on a charge, while letting him do everything he needs to do. NaijaBature told of how he goes out without his laptop, but is able to get his work done without the fear of the phone dying out on him in a day or of needing to carry a power bank around. Having tortured me with the well-built anticipation, he whips out this amazing smartphone – the Gionee M2. The M2 has a 5-inch display, a 4200 mAh battery and is powered by a Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor.

The M2 is also a power bank and can be used to charge other phones. It has also since received Android kitkat update. HIf you are interested, here is my review of the M2.

Any manufacturer that is able to replicate the same battery life as the M2 in a slimmer profile gets my vote. Simple. In the meantime, let’s just call the Gionee M2 the Wonder Phone!

Quick Question: What is your current smartphone and why did you choose it over others?

FYI: a “mobilista” is a fan and follower of MOBILITY.ng.

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  1. In the area of incredible battery life, the Chinese have it. The Gionee M3 is out, and outperforms the M2 in battery endurance (5000 mAh battery..

    There are also THL phones that have reached and crossed the 5,000 mAh mark (like the THL 5000)

    If there is one other thing I would join Boko Haram and commit murder for (apart from humongous sized screens it is a device with indefatiguable battery life… It’s so empowering…

  2. Current smartphone is still the Gionee s5.5. I’m still stuck on it like fly to shit because I don’t see myself handling a fatter device and from what I hear that M2 girth no get part 2.

    I would love to not have to worry about battery ever but I won’t compromise on aesthetic. Hey! Don’t judge, move along quickly.

  3. If only one of the leading popular brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and co can make battery longevity as its No. 1 spec in a 2015 flagship, it will make a big difference.

    But no, all of them are scrambling to outdo one another in having ‘the thinnest’, ‘bezel-free’, ‘resolutionary’, ‘camera best’, ‘selfie best’, etc phones.

  4. Microsoft Lumia 1320
    Motorola Droid Turbo
    For Windows and Android respectively. Good battery life.

  5. well am with naijabature. rocking the gionee m2. what’s a phone without battery? so much freedom

  6. I had a blackberry Q5 a while ago, enjoyed the average battery life. I’m presently stuck with the miserable battery life of the Z10.

  7. An aside, why qualify what you’re going to say by stating “Forget his skin colour. He’s 100% Nigerian”. I find that offensive. If we can have black Britons and Americans, we can also have other colour Africans AND Nigerians as well, whether he got his nationality via papers or was born and grew up in the country.

    We don’t and shouldn’t have to qualify that anyone’s 100% Nigerian based on skin colour. There’s no hard and fast rules that you MUST be black to be Nigerian!

    So NaijaBature finally retired his BlackBerry? Tee hee hee…

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