Why Nigerian telcos should carry out their threat to close operations in belligerent states

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Telecom operators in Nigeria have threatened to close down their operations in a number of states – Ogun, Ondo, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Osun and Kaduna – over what they described as excessive harassment by government officials. This trend of harassing telecoms operators -via multiple tax/levy impositions – has gone on for years across Nigeria, with state governments (and even local communities and area boys) seeing these operators as cows to be milked to no end. These state governments then proceed to close down base stations when the operators are unable to comply.

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In my opinion, it is about time this threat to shut down is carried out. Telcos already deal with horrible infrastructural and logistic problems. Telecommunications is the lifeblood of any modern state, and these harassments are totally out of line. It will be interesting to see what would happen to a state like Ogun if Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN were all to shut down operations there. Basically, apocalypse.

Since the states are so eager to close down base stations, lets just get it done with and shut them all down at once.

Yes; shutting down operations would mean losing revenue and perhaps even laying off staff by the telcos, but with the states shutting down base stations arbitrarily, the telcos are already bleeding anyway. I am also convinced that the belligerent states would have no way out than to buckle and do the right thing to get the operators back up should a shut down be effected. We can only hope that they do the right thing before things get to that point. But should they not, I am with the network operators on this. Enough of the rubbish from greedy, lazy, narrow-minded state governments.


  1. I think they should Negotiate rather than this empty threat.How do you expect to operate in my State and not pay any form of tax to me? Banks do pay taxes to FG and even to States ,so nothing new here

  2. JDY they do pay their tax, the original one but these other ‘people’ demand some other taxes just because it’s their state and after all, “mtn has billions, let’s collect our small share”

  3. These telco fines by these States sounds like a lazy way to generate income – which never goes on infrastructure in the State anyway. Please, shut down the bases so that the respective State and Local governments will realise they need the telcos more than the telcos need them.

    Don’t negotiate a thing. Let those responsible start thinking of real ways to generate income rather than this lazy shortcut.

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