One of the advantages of buying products from reputable stores and sellers is that when you do, you can easily go back and complain. There

Why Samsung 24-month [Double] Warranty?

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One of the advantages of buying products from reputable stores and sellers is that when you do, you can easily go back and complain. There are also those products that offer warranty. Have you ever used a warranty service before?

I once purchased a phone that had a 12-month warranty. During the 12 months period, the phone started to misbehave. I took it to the manufacturer’s service centre, where it was plugged into their computer and found that it was still within warranty. The phone was fixed for me at no charge.

Samsung has been selling products in Nigeria for a while now. There’s Samsung West Africa and they have an office in Ikoyi. Samsung recently announced the 24 month warranty on all their products.

Why worry about warranty?
There has been the complain that companies do not honour the warranty that they offer. During the unveiling of this offering last week, Samsung made it very clear that they have the interest of the Nigerian market at hand.

Raymond Olatokun, the service manager, made it clear that the warranty would cover manufacturer’s defects. It won’t cover wear and tear or mishandling by users. If you get a Samsung phone for instance, you are immediately entitled to the 24-month warranty which started on the 1st of May 2012. During this period, you are free to come in and make a complain if the product is defective.

You may want to ask; how do they decide if your issue is covered by the warranty? Samsung have standard tests that they will carry out. Once it is obvious that the customer did not damage or tamper with the product, the product will be fixed at no extra cost. Raymond Olatokun mentioned to me that in a case where the defective product cannot be fixed, the owner of the product will be given a new one. All these are subject to Terms and Conditions.

What makes Samsung very confident?
24 months is a long time in passing. However, Samsung are certain of the product they are making available to their customers, the MD said.

Samsung also have a wide range of sales points, partners and collection points. If you are like me and appreciate after-sales service by manufacturers, if you value the free services and protection that an extended warranty gives you, think no further the next time you want to pick an electronic device.

For further information and questions — like finding out the closest sales or collection point, you can drop your question in the comments or call Samsung care on 0800-SAMSUNG, i.e. 0800-7267864.


  1. heat is turned on them from the likes of Tecno.They have to up their game

  2. There certainly is something Samsung is doing right to have come and offer such a lengthy warrantee. They know they are on top of the world right and they are doing all they can to stay on top as long as possible.

    Kudos Samsung!

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