Why should you develop for Nokia S40 phones?

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As reported earlier, the deadline to enter the Create for Millions contest has been extended to 1 November 2011. This is a huge opportunity for more developers to get a piece of the 1 million Euros that Nokia is giving out in prize money.

Here are a few reasons why you should develop for S40 and participate in this competition.

  1. Nokia S40 devices form the largest mobile phone platform in the world till date
  2. Nokia’s Series 40 phones have experienced more than 35 per cent growth in download volumes in the past two months
  3. Though S40 phones are not smartphones, they pack excellent functionality at the most affordable costs. Features include: Cell-ID location, Maps, 3G, and Wi-Fi connectivity; Home screen access for 3rd party apps (will come as phone sw update), touch and gestures recognition

You can develop your apps and games in Java and Web Apps. Do head over to the Create for Millions contest page for more info.

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    That albite ebiok reader is the bomb. It is in the same league worth ‘AnyView’.. MORE importantly that post of yours linked me to http://albite.vlexofree.com/, a veritable source of interesting ebooks…

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