You probably cried blue murder when the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 were launched with price tags of over N100,000 each. The entry-level Q5 is out

Why the BlackBerry Q5 is a steal

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BlackBerry Q5

You probably cried blue murder when the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 were launched with price tags of over N100,000 each. The entry-level Q5 is out now, and if you had been holding out for this “cheaper” alternative, I can excitedly announce to you that at the price of N93,000 only, it is a steal and anyone should dash out to purchase one. The revolutionary device has already been launched in the UK, South Africa and Germany. It is in Nigeria already too.

I know that you are probably all riled up and ready to spit venom at me. Hold your tongue, cobra, take a seat and allow me take you on a tour of the world’s most revolutionary budget smartphone.

First, there are not so many smartphones out there with a hardware QWERTY keyboard anymore. Never mind the tiny display. QWERTY is gold now. Simple. Of course, you also know that there are no other smartphones in that price range that boast a superb 3-inch display with night vision and x-ray capabilities. There is an internal memory of 80GB, and it packs an unprecedented 4GHz hecta-core processor and 4GHz RAM. You may be wondering what all that power is required for. Walk with me as we examine this superb device some more.

There is a stunning 50 ultrapixel (no; not megapixel) camera in the mix that lets you capture amazing photos of shooting stars and comets even on the cloudiest of nights. In macro mode, the camera is also capable of microscopic shots. Take a macro shot of the back of your hand, for example, and you can make out bacteria in the resulting image. Mind-blowing is what the BlackBerry Q5 is.

What of messaging? The Q5’s BBM app is the first of its kind on the planet. When entering a message, you can send it to any other IM client on the planet – WhatsApp, ICQ, Skype, Viber, and more. It is the universal chat client. This is the instant messaging app that you dreamed of. Note that your IM can be sent as an email too. Also, if your contact has a compatible phone, you can communicate via holographic projections. Have you seen that sort of thing in Star Wars and Star Trek? Exactly. The future is here.

The upcoming BlackBerry 10.5 software update to the Q5 will add teleportation capabilities to this unbelievable device. Who needs trips on airplanes that fall out of the sky or road trips that end up in gullies when there is a Q5? With the built-in enhanced GPS capabilities, all you have to do is punch in the co-ordinates of your destination, and you are there in moments. Who needs maps? Take that, Google, Nokia and Apple! This is the first world smartphone for the third world. The mobile phone invades transportation in grand style.

I daresay that the BlackBerry Q5 packs much more value than the price it commands on the high street. This is the phone to sell your car (or motorcycle) to buy. If you still do not see why the N93,000 that BlackBerry is asking for the Q5 is worth it, you are an enemy of progress, an idiot and deserve to be banished to the nether world. If you have to rob a bank, this is the phone that you want to be seen with.

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  1. Mr Mo is EVIL, see how am grinning ear to ear. You concludion is evillll. But wow, that is a great piece of device. I know am one of those who expects a lesser price but…with these specs, its a good phone,( tongue out to Dr Chucks). Will pple buy it once the 10.5 updates comes to Q10? That I can’t say. This device is mouth watering.

  2. I really hope this is an attempt at sarcasm and ironic (and it looks that way). at 93000 I would be dammed if I pick this one over the Q10 or Z10… infact buying it at this price is grounds for an extended vacation at Yaba Left

  3. @Famuyiwa you no well at all. Lmao. Mister Mo almost had me there with those outlandish specs.

    Mschew. No wonder they are launching a new OS 7 device.

    OS10 is not for small boys

  4. I almost thought Mister Mo was smoking weed at the beginning of this article.

    Even if it had all those specs, I still won’t buy it at that price

    Budget indeed

  5. You forgot to mention that the phone isn’t officially launched here, so the people selling at 93k right now are the same ones that sold Z10s and Q10s for 250k–it’ll be cheaper than that when it launches, an cheaper still along the line.

  6. Puhahahahaha…. Hohohohohojo…….. Hihihihihihihihoho…… I wan die 4 here

  7. I really don’t enjoy Mr Mo. conclusion those who buy the BlackBerry Purche for N350K are today biting their fingers. A friend told me in no way you can compare it with Q10. Sincerely the specs is out of this world but it won’t be the best phone in the next 12 months. Well if a budget blackberry cost 93k let me go for high end Galaxy S4 that cost less.

  8. blackberry still making the same mistake over and over don’t they ever learn i guess they say experience is the best teacher am just waiting for the bbm app before taking my final decision apple or android cause windows we not be getting the app for now 90k plus for a budget that’s just like saying men the customers are stupid when there are better devices like s4 lg g pro sony xperia z htc one offering more at the same price range

  9. @93000 am giving up on BB. my LG Optimus Pro C660 will continue to serve my smartphone needs.

  10. When there is Gonee D1 and the Phantom A, with a lot of Holiday change to spare. hehehehehehehehehehe. Blackberry is confused, specs or no specs. Go check the korean and Japanese grey market specs,hologram my foot!

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