Mister Mobility summaries his experience with the TECNO Boom J7 and concludes that it breaks new ground in terms of design and focus. Advertisement I have handled…

Why the Boom J7 charts a new course for TECNO

Mister Mobility summaries his experience with the TECNO Boom J7 and concludes that it breaks new ground in terms of design and focus.


I have handled several TECNO smartphones over the years. I have also owned eight (8) of them. TECNO started out in Nigeria being despised by people who were used to the big brand names but quickly warmed itself into the hearts of masses of mobile subscribers across the country. In the beginning, the brand delivered functionality at affordable prices. Nothing more. Many TECNO phones were damn ugly.



However, sometime in 2014, TECNO began a process of polishing the look and feel of their devices. In recent times, the Phantom Z and Phantom Z mini have stood out as tastefully designed gadgets.

However, the recently released Boom J7 is a revolution for TECNO in terms of look, feel and user experience. No; it is not a flagship device. It is not in the league if the Phantom Z and Z Mini in terms of raw power. It is the forerunner of a new branch (for lack of a better word) in the TECNO line-up. When I first set eyes on it, my eyes literally widened. No other TECNO smartphone has got me drooling like the J7 in recent times.


TECNO Boom J7 front

Think of the following: Beautiful lines. Vibrant colours. Playful protective casings in box. Lovely display and active weather lockscreen. Good performance. Good quality audio headset in box. A new music app (Boom Player) and ecosystem that lets users find and download their favourite music, as well as get the lyrics of those tracks. Good loudspeaker. Good rear camera. Very good selfie camera in front. And it costs less than N30,000. Here is a phone that does not disappoint in any aspect. What is not to like about it?

I have much more powerful smartphones at my disposal, yet everyday, a part of me longs to carry a Boom J7 around. It doesn’t match them in power, but it has my ever-youthful heart on fleek. It is plastic, to be sure. None of the glass of the Zs. But it is a beautiful phone very well fit for the segment it addresses. I expect to see the J7 all over campuses and in the hands of youths everywhere.

The Boom J7 is the first in line of a brand new TECNO transforming into the beautiful swan. This is TECNO taking on the vibrant youth market in style. And you can’t go wrong meeting the needs of that demography. No; you can’t.

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