Every time a new tablet is announced or when speculations start to arise, the word “iPad Killer” gets tossed around a lot. Yet, not one

Why there is no iPad Killer

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Every time a new tablet is announced or when speculations start to arise, the word “iPad Killer” gets tossed around a lot. Yet, not one tablet has lived up to that name. I want to give some simple reasons why I think that this is so.

Internal Competition
You can call it a race before THE race, but most Android tablets have to compete with other Android tablets before they even start to compete against the iPad. I think that this makes the front against the iPad diluted or fragmented – or whatever you want to call it.

Of course, this is somehow good for the consumer who has several choices. Still, at the end of the day, if feels like an incomplete experience either on the software front or the hardware front.

Over/Under Featured
We all know that the joy of using the Android operating system is that you can get devices at almost any price point. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you spend money on a budget device, you end up with a semi-good device or an okay device if you are lucky. But along with the price cut will also be some significant feature cut as well.

If you have the money for a high end tablet, you get so many features and so few applications to utilize the hardware that the manufacturer is boasting about. Another reason why most high end tablet manufacturers lose to the iPad is majorly because of the availability of lots of apps. There is also the issue of similar or even higher price points to the iPad.

iPad users are spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. They range from smart covers to styluses and external keyboards. Yes, I know that some Android tablets also have accessories but they are not as varied as that of the iPad.

These are the few reasons why I think that there is no “iPad Killer”. I do not argue that there are not other tablets coming up with better hardware. My argument is that they cannot kill the iPad in the aspects that it thrives the most.

The closest to competition from the Android camp is the Kindle Fire. It runs a heavy skinned version of Android and is closely controlled in a way by Amazon.

What do you think?


  1. The Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is about the closest rival to the ipad.
    Everyone who has asked me for advise regarding a tablet, I have pointed them in the direction of the galaxy tab and all have heeded my advise save one who bought an ipad and later had to sell it to buy a galaxy tab.

  2. the closest competitor the world over is the Kindle fire with 15% of market share within 1year of launch. Samsung galaxy tabs are not doing so well globally but they have had decent sales.

  3. Ipad is good. No doubt. Problem for me with the apple devices is having to figure out how to do simple things. All my devices are now Android. Before I went the Android way, I bought the Iphone and gave it out after awhile.
    Good thing is, everyone has been given a choice in the market of life to pick what he likes. So do your thing and be happy.

  4. there is no need for the iPad killer. however, very soon, the iPad will give up its dominance to android tabs. There may not be a specific brand out selling the iPad. Given the vast variety of android tabs, everyone has one or two that will suit their needs. I have seen colleagues sell their Ipads to get android tabs cos of its limitations. They bought them initially out of the hype.

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