Why Xiaomi Mi 5 and others won’t be sold in Nigeria

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Are you resident in Nigeria and been longing to own a Xiaomi Mi 5 but have been wondering why the device is not officially available in the country yet? Last year, Xiaomi officially entered the Nigerian smartphone market and launched the Redmi 2 and Mi 4 in November 2015. This was to the delight of enthusiasts and lovers of Xiaomi devices in the country. So, what is holding back the availability of the Xiaomi Mi 5 in Nigeria?

Xiaomi Mi 5

Before Xiaomi introduced its devices into Nigeria, another mobile manufacturer, mi-Fone, had made an official entrance into the market and registered the “Mi” trade name for itself. In February 2016, mi-Fone filed a suit against Xiaomi and got an interim injunction forbidding Xiaomi and its representatives or agents from importing, selling, distributing, and marketing any smartphone, tablet, power bank or accessories labelled with the trade name “Mi”. Any similar or phonetically similar trade name is also barred.

You get the gist now; right? The Xiaomi Mi 5 cannot be sold in Nigeria under the current circumstances. It is very likely that even sales of the Mi 4 introduced last year have been halted. Don’t expect to see any Xiaomi “Mi” devices on sale in the country. I do wonder if “Redmi” is considered similar to “Mi” and so is also barred by this court order.

Update: Xiaomi Strikes Back Against mi-Fone!

Hollup! Hollup!! Just hollup a minute. Does this mean that I will be in contempt of court if I advertise my used Xiaomi Mi 4 for sale? Lawyers, help!!!


  1. If you’re a “representative or agent” of Xiaomi looking to sell even a used Mi something, you’re on your own! If you’re an individual selling a Xiaomi Mi anything on OLX I can’t imagine they will take legal action against you. But then, Nigeria….

  2. Sad. I am one of those that has been eagerly waiting for the massive Mi Launch in Nigeria. I really had my eye on the Mi Prime.
    Too Bad…

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