Some of the complaints against Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform are valid, though they mostly boil down to a question of personal needs and preferences. Every

Why you should absolutely consider buying a Windows Phone

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Some of the complaints against Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform are valid, though they mostly boil down to a question of personal needs and preferences. Every platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Much of the diatribes against it are just biased vents though. The truth is that using a Windows Phone is not the nightmare that some people would have you believe it is. Have a look at a few reasons why you should consider buying a Windows Phone.


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The Apps Question

Windows Phones have got all the apps that the regular person needs covered. ALL. But if you are an astronaut and need an app to pilot or troubleshoot your spaceship, that’s a different matter entirely. Even if you want to fly a drone with your smartphone, Windows Phone has got you covered.


The Metro User Interface

If you want a refreshing user interface, Windows Phone is it. Notice how both Android and iOS are copying the flat approach of Windows Phone. They are still copy jobs though. Windows Phone UI remains leaner, trimmer and sleeker.


Buying A Windows Phone Gets You A PC

Many Windows Phones will get updated with the new Windows 10 Mobile OS, turning them into the baddest, meanest smart tools around: you will be able to plug your phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and use it as a PC. Here’s the list of existing Windows Phones that are first in line to get updated to Windows 10 Mobile.


Universal Apps

Even if you buy a Windows Phone that does not support Continuum, as long as it runs Windows 10 Mobile, it has support for universal apps. That means that when you purchase such an app, you get the PC version for your PC too. No extra costs.

Cortana Baby

Have you heard of Cortana? It is the very best mobile virtual assistant in the market. Siri is trying to catch up. Honest.



Windows Phone does not have half the security issues that plague the other smartphone platforms. Yes; it may be simply because it has such a small market share, so hackers and intruders won’t waste time targeting it. But that is a classic example of how a weakness can also be a strength. Whatever the case, you have less to worry about rogue apps and the sort with Windows Phone.


Wrap Up

Put the PC functionality, universal apps, and Cortana together, and it is difficult to argue that Windows Phone isn’t the most advanced smartphone platform in the market at the moment. The question is, does it meet your needs best or does another platform do that for you? Will buying a Windows Phone work for you? At the end of the day, that’s your personal call.

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  2. I hate the UI, restrictions, Ui, lack of customization, ui, lack of pegging to 3g or 4g only, did I mention I HATE the UI?

  3. If the is one thing that puts WM over Android its is Stability. That’s why I’ll be getting a new one.

  4. Looking forward to getting a new Windows Phone. Particularly the great photos and photography apps. It’s my “go to” reading and research device.

  5. Seems this is a thread for Windows phone lovers, good luck guys, I rather choose ios than Windows (that is if there is no longer an android or blackberry). P. S, I still hate the U. I…

  6. I believe it’s a great OS for some,just not my cup of tea,I find the whole UI boring as hell,tried it once and almost died of boredom.

  7. Lol @mark. But it’s true, the ui is hated here too. There is really nothing fascinating in a black drab ui. Then let’s not get into it’s restrictive lack of fxn esp for geeks ryt now

  8. it’s a tradeoff, open system that allows extensive user customization like Android with the attendant security risks or closed system that doesn’t allow extensive user customization and thus fewer security risks

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