You have heard that the latest version of Android OS is available. It has been weeks, maybe even months now, since it has been available.

Why your Android smartphone is yet to get that latest software update

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You have heard that the latest version of Android OS is available. It has been weeks, maybe even months now, since it has been available. Despite the fact that you have enabled auto notification of updates on your device, you are stuck using it without the latest features because it is yet to receive the update. Why?

Nexus 7 Lollipop 5-1 update

The fault isn’t that of Alphabet (formerly known as Google), the developers of Android. No; they aren’t to blame.

The fault is that of your phone manufacturer. If your phone hasn’t received an Android update that’s been made officially available, blame your phone’s manufacturer.

Picking A Smartphone
If Android software updates are important to you, pick a phone brand that has a reputation for making updates available in a timely manner. Your best bets are Nexus and Android One smartphones. Those get updates the earliest. Beyond those brands, good luck to you with whatever update schedule the various manufacturers put up. Depending on your choice, your smartphone may or may never get certain updates.

Ask around though. Some manufacturers have a better reputation than others when it comes to Android OS updates. All the best!


  1. Buying a low range device and waiting for an update is tantamount to waiting for the second coming of Christ,you want an update your best bet would be a Flagship from a reputable OEM..

  2. Donbenie,

    That is untrue as a blanket statement.

    Android One are low end devices – and they always get software updates faster than most others.

    But, yes, getting a low end device from other manufacturers / brands and hoping for an Android update is wishful thinking.

  3. Im sure uncle Don didnt mean to indirectly include the android one devices in his list of wishful thinking devices that wont get upgrade.

    Even the flagships from most manufacturers dont get the latest updates before the nexus devices. I have not seen anyone around with these android one devices though so I can’t testify about their update capabilities but I believe google keeps to their words.

  4. Thing is, you never know until sometime after a device is released, whether it will get the next Android update. Many manufacturers are guilty of this, including Samsung.

  5. Maybe I over generalized,I believe it’s a given Android Ones are excluded from the equation but personally I think updates are a little over blown,maybe due to Apple making Android Fragmentations such a big deal,if any new Apps I need are all compatible with my current OS version am more than OK with anything from KitKat upwards..
    Moreover with the kind of UI overlays these OEMs place on their take on Android it’s hard differentiating a KitKat from say a Lollipop..

  6. Updates are overrated though still needed anyway.

    As long as phone works fine and does the things meant to be done, I think its okay to ignore certain updates. Even some of these updates make phones unstable before a more stable one gets released…and the cycle goes on.

  7. Am still very happy with my jelly bean, unfortunately my phone can’t handle the 64gb micro SD well…

  8. Speaking of Android One smartphone, what’s taking Infinix Mobility and/or Alphabet to push the update to it’s first Android One project in Africa? Abi na lie dem lie?

  9. True that some of the updates are not so stable i agree, but my Tango 2 comes pre-installed with all the updates. It has Android Lollipop in it and the phone is pretty stable. It has a front flash to support selfies in darker surroundings. iDROID USA definitely has proved to be one of the best smartphone manufacturing company. I would recommend this phone to everyone.

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