This morning, I had my primary SIM in the Nokia 808 PureView and needed to get some internet-connected work done on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I

WiFi Hotspot: Another Reason To Switch from Belle

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Built-in JoikuSpot

This morning, I had my primary SIM in the Nokia 808 PureView and needed to get some internet-connected work done on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I had not tried out the built-in JoikuSpot hotspot app on the 808 since it arrived, but this morning I fired it up and got it running.

Well, guess what. Regardless of how I tried, the PlayBook wouldn’t detect the Joiku hotspot. I picked up the One X just to see if it was an issue that is limited to the PlayBook, but the One X couldn’t detect it either.

USB Tethering Too

So, I thought, how about the “Use Phone as Modem” feature? Oh, how I have loathed that feature in recent times. I wasn’t expecting it to work, and I wasn’t disappointed. After setting things up and connecting the phone via USB to my netbook, the PC software kept telling me that no connected phone was detected. You know, what I did? I flung the darn phone against the wall! Yes; I know… be angry and sin not.

Okay. I actually didn’t do that. Here’s what happened, I found that my netbook could at least detect and work with the Joiku hotspot. Relief! But then…

I still cannot share my data plan with the PlayBook or any other device at home or at work, except my netbook (which I loathe carrying around). Please. I can’t shout.

Switch. To Anything Else

In my recent article, Four Weeks With Belle OS FP2, I shared how the switch away from Belle was inevitable. This morning’s experience has only reinforced that.

I know that the folks at Nokia would love for me to say, “Switch to Lumia”. But this isn’t a sponsored post or an advert. So, here it is: if wireless internet sharing is important to you, switch away from Nokia Belle OS. Switch to any other smartphone platform. Android does wireless sharing effortlessly. Windows Phone does same. iOS too.

Sooner or later, you will make the switch. Resistance is futile.


  1. I know how much frustration I went through because of this. When I had my HP Touchpad earlier this year, it absolutely would not detect then wifi hotspot from my N8, even though my laptop would detect and connect to it with no problem.

    Turns out that Nokia phones do not support WPA/WPA2 security on wifi. They support only WEP, which is ridiculous. I’ve confirmed this on the N9 too.

    That was another reason for getting the android-running Pliris Blaze

  2. Strange. I used Joiku extensively for about 5 months earlier in the year and it connected to everything connectable. I choose to believe this is a one-off fault. Sorry.

  3. Am not sure on watz apenin here.. I do connect perfectly with this same joiku to my 603.. Probably some belles, definately not all..

  4. I guess Nokia or Joiku should be able to update their app to support WPA/WPA2. I also found out that Blackberries don’t detect adhoc wifi networks eg those generated by connectify hotspot.
    The world is moving away while Nokia is stuck. Let’s hope WP8 moves ahead with the crowd

  5. Was just introduced to the ‘wonderment’ of *harpic* (….sorry, couldn’t resist) Joikuspot (Nokia E72) when I made the transition to Android. It always connected to my Laptop.

    Fast forward 3months

    Got a 5′ Android player. Hijacked pop’s Nokia E6 and voila Joikuspot (who named that app??) Still works.

    The E6 was running on anna back then. Haven’t tried it since the upgrade to belle.

  6. Trae,

    Sorry, but this is not one-off. As already mentioned by other commenters, Joiku uses an older technology that many newer WiFi-enabled devices do not support. I had this problem with every Symbian/Belle smartphone that I have used in recent times.

    Challenge: Find someone with a PlayBook, TouchPad or current Android smartphone. You cannot get them to find a Joiku hotspot .

  7. Problem is Joiku creates an ad hoc network which these devices does not support. Android on the other hand creates infrastructure network.

  8. There are definitely work arounds to the connection problem, but the geeky type just wants things done simply sometime.

    Nokia Suite works flawlessly for using the phone as a modem. The PC internet connectoin app does not install all the phone’s drivers so it might not work.

    If android phone supports do support WEP and WPA access points, why would it not detect a Connectify hotspot?

    Old tech or not, if it does work you’ll use it. We could have all set our phones permanently to 3G and never switch back to Edge cos its speed is crap.

  9. Had the same problem. works perfectly with a laptop but it’s virtually non-existent to smartphones. It is a known issue not one-off

  10. Download the full version of the app from the ovi store. I remember using a galaxy sII with tethered internet from my nokia 701 problem free.

  11. You said:

    Android does wireless sharing effortlessly. Windows Phone does same. iOS too

    Sorry to disagree as regards iOS. Never been able to share Internet from any of my iOS device ever. It is restricted, country and wireless carriers dependent.

  12. unable to download hotspot for nokia E6. Kindly help me out from which website i can download hotspot. Joiku is not supporting to nokia E6.

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