With a heart full of anguish, I grit my teeth and ponder why Apple has blatantly and consistently ignored Africa both with their device line

Will Apple ever remember Africa?

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With a heart full of anguish, I grit my teeth and ponder why Apple has blatantly and consistently ignored Africa both with their device line ups and associated services. What is wrong with diving into the still huge and untapped population in this part of the world? Subsequently, putting the iPhone in more hands. To be honest, Apple iOS devices are aesthetically pleasing, have a premium look and feel, and a simple user interface that gets things done.

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I love Apple devices but can’t afford one. This has been the major reason why I’m yet to explore iOS or any Apple device. Early last year, there were flagging rumors of Apple planning to launch a supposedly cheaper iPhone5c. Inwards, there was this leap for joy, “Finally! An iPhone I can afford”. After its launch, however, hearing the asking price left a bitter taste on my lips.

When will Apple ever make a phone one can afford? I’m not asking for ultra cheap like the Innjoos. Let’s say something within the range of $240- $210 to be strictly released in developing countries like Nigeria. What would then stop me from getting one for myself; eh? 🙂

I’ve also realized that Nigerian musicians now release their albums on iTunes. Buying albums from the store (in my opinion) is far more convenient, and comes with the assurance of getting your songs with excellent audio quality. For instance, there are some Nigerian albums I would have loved to buy. Instead of passing through the stress of foraging physical music stores, one could easily purchase them directly from one’s phone.

You can imagine the possibilities and the heights this trend can reach if fully tapped into. Buying media and other content both international and local, only if this iDevices were placed in more hands. So I ask, Will Apple ever for one day remember or do something for the African markets? Or are we to sit, watch and salivate from afar 😕

  1. Apple’s idea of an “affordable” iPhone is usually a couple of generations the most recent generation and only has 8GB.

    On the plus side, the second hand market in iPhones is thriving. They still aren’t cheap there either, but have the best resale value of any phone.

    So your choice is to break the bank and buy new, or decide your budget and find the best used iPhone you can get (my advice, anything from 4S up)

  2. Didn’t ya kno? Apple primarily supports the American GOP/ Republican Party. Remembering Africa? How the hell do you think that will work?
    They sure ain’t Google.

  3. are you from ibadan?
    now you have such dollars to pay for every single mp3 file in your device and yet, you can’t afford few hundreds of thousands for an idevice?
    iPhone is designed for American citizens resident on American soil, otherwise, your country should be a gay country to get cooks attention in the first place.

  4. Apple produces and markets its phones to the upper/elite class of the market. Apple doesn’t do cheap. If you want cheap, get an Android phone. You can’t expect Apple to compromise on their high production standards just because you can’t afford it. Cut your cloth according to your size. You will have more peace of mind.

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