WIll HTC release two Nexus devices in 2016?

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We all know Google’s brand of smartphones, the Nexus devices, which are manufactured in partnership with OEMs. The very first of the phones was made in 2010 by HTC i.e the Google Nexus One (pictured below). HTC also made the Nexus 9 tablet (in 2014), and that was the last Nexus device by HTC. For 2015, LG and Huawei made the Nexus devices and people loved them.


For the 2016 Nexus, early rumours are suggesting that HTC will handle things again. Weibo leakster dropped some hints claiming HTC will make two phones – one 5 inches and the other 5.5 inches. This would come as great news to HTC, as the company suffered heavy losses last year. Hopefully, sales of the Nexus this year will return them to profitability.

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  1. would be a good fit, HTC usually makes really good devices, with Vanilla Android it should be a great match. what i don’t understand is why Google keeps changing OEMs/ODMs for their Nexus devices. IIRC, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei & ASUS have all made Nexus devices for Google

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