I was asking myself the above question, so I sat down and came up with a design for a funky QWERTY Lumia based on the

Will Microsoft Mobile Ever Make A QWERTY Lumia?

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Microsoft QWERTY Lumia

I was asking myself the above question, so I sat down and came up with a design for a funky QWERTY Lumia based on the design of the Asha 210. Note that the hardware call answer/reject and navigational buttons below the 210’s display are gone, as Windows does not require those. I like this “concept” phone. But chances are that it will never see the light of day.

Perhaps some other manufacturer – maybe a Windows OEM – will dare attempt slapping a QWERTY keyboard on a Windows smartphone. Just perhaps.


  1. 1. Urgh! That pic is disgusting. I hope Microsoft doesn’t make such a Lumia.

    2. I’ve wanted a qwerty Lumia for a long time. But not in that form factor. The best qwerty form factor would be that of the old Dell Venue Pro.

    3. I don’t believe Microsoft will ever make such a phone. If Nokia Mobile lasted long enough, I believe they would have attempted a qwerty Lumia, but only after Elopp left.

  2. I wish Blackberry will go windows and actually make a qwerty windows phone.

    I cant see Microsoft doing this in the nearest future.

  3. Qwerty Has Gone The Way Of The Optolepiticus (Ok I Made That Up, But You Catch The Drift).

    Let The Qwerty Diehards Just Embrace That Fact, And Move On..

  4. Michael99uk Blackberry go windows? Why in the 9 realms would you wish that. Don’t tell me, you smoking something funky yea?

    Moverick you could have piggy-banked on say the blackberry passport as a qwerty template. If Microsoft were to go QWERTY, I doubt they would start out with a budget line at least not at first.

    In conclusion I doubt a QWERTY from MSFT would cause my fictional woman parts to tingle. However if they do something along the line of say HTC Desire Z, they may just be on the path to full out vibration. Then again I think not.

    I rest my case till I grab the Limits 830

  5. Hmmmm. Mr. Mo, that’s one hell of a dream you have up there. I thought we’ve accepted that it’s time to move on and leave the old system of doing things behind?

    Any manufacturer that’s not BlackBerry that will device to do physical QWERTY keyboard now will only be wasting their resources as there are very few users still interested in those physical keyboards. They are certainly not enough to sustain the resources that will be devoted to making hardware keyboards on smartphones now. BlackBerry aren’t doing so well with it even though they have the lot of those still interested in hardware keyboard to themselves.

  6. Sorry to say this, am I the only one reading this article wrong? QWERTY is a keyboard layout irrespective if its a touchscreen/virtual or physical keyboard device. This implies that the Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhones and Blackberry Z10 all have QWERTY keyboards, however, they are touchscreen/virtual keyboard configurations. For mobile, I’m not very sure but I think only Android supports Dvorak which is a non-QWERTY keyboard layout.
    I felt the article was referring to physical keyboard rather than QWERTY.
    My assumptions anyway.

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