We have no plans to regulate WhatsApp, other OTT services – NCC

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ITPulse reports that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) did admit that network operators are complaining that OTT services offered by Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, among others are eating into their traditional revenue, “the regulatory agency has no plans now or in the immediate future to regulate such services”.


According to ITPulse, a public report by the Policy, Competition and Economic Analysis Department of the NCC has recommended “that the Commission should encourage network providers in Nigeria to innovate and explore more efficient business models that would enable them compete favourably with OTT service providers”.


  1. Gbam!!! 😀
    Regulate kor, charge ni! How can they even conceive such thoughts?

  2. If this is true, kudos to the NCC. That way, they won’t waste money like their Kenyan and South African counterparts in focussing on a non-issue. The last paragraph says it all

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