Sigh. RIM has announced drops in revenue in the last three quarters. Their trademark OS and devices, BlackBerry, are not doing so well in the

Will RIM survive till 2013 without Blackberry OS 10?

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Blackberry 10

Sigh. RIM has announced drops in revenue in the last three quarters. Their trademark OS and devices, BlackBerry, are not doing so well in the global market, though they are the darling of Nigerians.

RIM has also announced that the spanking new Blackberry OS 10, which had been scheduled to be shipping in devices before the end of this year will not be ready until the first quarter of 2013.

Sigh. This postponement looks very grave for RIM’s business. In the last quarter, BlackBerry now has 78 million subscribers, an increase from the 70 million figure it had back in September 2011. While that is an increase, the trail shows that they are selling less and less devices each quarter. Also, a total of only 260,000 PlayBook tablets have been shipped till date – and that is a poor figure compared to other tablets in the market.

So, RIM is still selling devices, but not at a rate that they can make profits from. Will the venerable smartphone, maker survive till 2013 without Blackberry OS 10?

Personally, I feel a bit deflated. I was looking to upgrade my 9810 to something blazing later this year, but that expectation is dead now.

Windows Phone for the 3rd Smartphone Spot?
If Microsoft and partners play their game well, this delay from RIM will give them a chance to get ahead and secure that 3rd slot in the smartphone ecosystem. What are the chances of us seeing a Blackberry form factor device running Windows Phone? When will Microsoft open up their Windows Phone market to more countries around the world, so that availability of apps is improved?

What do you think? What are RIM’s chances of survival with the new development? Perhaps a stronger business will buy them over before then and give a fresh lease of life? Any other possible scenarios – like RIM releasing a BlackBerry with super-duper features to sustain interest till then? You have your say.


  1. Seriously?! Next year. They’ve just succeeded in killing the hype of BB10 and I won’t be suprised if they announce the sale of RIM soon.

    While they are at it, they might as well push updates that allow us to use the device without BIS.

  2. Based on pictures and videos of windows phone OS in action, I feel a typical bb form factor with that OS would make for a terrible user experience. I wish RIM all the best but they should have ensured the devices shipped before the end of the year so that, with some creative advertising, they can make some fast buck from holiday sales. Oh well, missed opportunity for them. I really hope they don’t sell out though cos if they do, they will likely go the way of Palm within a year or two.

  3. I’m absolutely dissappointed. What ever they do, they should just ensure that BIS keeps working whether they remain as one entity or not.

  4. Would you prefer them to ship a half-baked OS?

    I think i can understand their concerns! WindowsMobile was basically crap compared to other OSes, and where’re they today? I guess they wanna rebuild the Blackberry image, starting from the OS itself, they can’t afford to release a half-done product.

    Its not how fast but how well, its better if they revamp in huge style rather than make another feeble attempt at recongnition…

    …whats a few months of waiting anyway?

  5. RIM needs “the one” and a willing team that can join hands with the one nd rebuild the falling walls.

    They may just find themselves going the way of WebOS if something radical is not done.

  6. @Saiddiggie: nna stop that oh! This one no be few months. Na like 8 months wait oh! Lol

    Like Mr. Mo said they will really need to release something or a somewhat revamped to pick up where they killed the BB10 hype.

    Like some folks I’m utterly dissapointed and I get the whole releasing a full fledged product into the market sha BUT if dem make mistake miss the point come 2013, na game over be that one 🙁

  7. The future looks grim for RIM. If BB 10 is the way forward and salvation of RIM, and BB 10 wouldn’t be available until next year, then I fear that RIM may not survive that long. 9 months is an eternity in mobile Tech years. And perhaps, the Blackberry OS may inevitably go the way of Symbian.

  8. saiddigge,

    …whats a few months of waiting anyway?

    What it is is that RIM is bleeding too fast. A 20% drop in sales in a quarter (if I read the figures correctly) is bad, and will likely deteriorate with each extra month.

    When someone is bleeding and losing blood, no-one says, “Whats a few hours of waiting anyway?”

    In my opinion, the only thing that can save BlackBerry now is for RIM to release a super device – put everything cutting edge into it – a top-notch camera with some of those new features they demoed recently, a dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, etc to keep attention and interest going. With OS10 delayed till next year, RIM needs a BlackBerry device that will make people drool – and they need it now!

  9. If Nokia survived that long before releasing their first Windows Phone, I’m curious to see how Blackberry will manage.

    I can see why they are delaying it, I can only presume it is costing more than expected to develop BB10 and they want to make sure they get it right.

    In the meantime they better have a back up plan or their profits are going to plummet. They can’t afford NOT to release any new devices until the first BB10 device comes out.

  10. They probably are shifting the release date after seeing what their competitors are coming out with later this year. IOS6, windows phone 8 and the Jelly Bean. If whatever blackberry is planning to offer with bb10 is not where near what others will be churning out, then it’s better for them to go back to the drawing board.

  11. Honestly, I feel for RIM. This is the description of a sinking ship. The tech world is so speedy if you don’t react quickly, you are left behind. At least Nokia has microsoft’s might and money to rely on. RIM has just themselves. This only goes to show that Elop was wise afterall. Trying to build new acceptable hardware and software while under pressure has to be one of the hardest things in the world. By letting others do the software, Nokia offloaded 50% of the problem. RIM can learn a lesson or two from that. Anything short of a “miracle” will see RIM sink. I don’t think RIM will survive

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