The buzz is that Samsung is planning to release a cross-platform messenger service, ChatON. This is a group chat app that combines texts, images and

Will you use ChatON, Samsung's cross-platform messenger?

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The buzz is that Samsung is planning to release a cross-platform messenger service, ChatON. This is a group chat app that combines texts, images and video messaging from Android, Blackberry, iOS, and BadaOS.

We’ve got Yahoo, Facebook Chat and WhatsApp, among other instant messaging services. Will ChatON hit it big, or will it be another white elephant project?

Most importantly, we ask you, our reader, Will you use ChatON?


  1. If the app is good and offer anything unique and interesting, then why not? It could be they are planning something akin to BBM as they’re moving to global dominance in smartphone market.

  2. If I’ll be using a Smsung device by then, then perhaps I’d give it s try! If not I’d stick to my Whatsapp and wait for the messenger.

  3. Why not if not…… begining to love samsung/android, no more nokia untill nokia window phone…..the way samsung is going it may work fine, hope there wont be mandatory montly subscrition like blackberry.

  4. @afewgoodmen, since its going to be cross platform, you don’t need to be using a samsung phone to use it. I think I will use once it works just like whatsapp. whatsapp is quite easy to use and file sharing is a breeze. but the free license is just for a year. I may be needing the chatON app by then. there is also the free ebuddyXMS which offer same type of service. I strongly think with time BBM might just become a cross platform messenger app as well. who doesn’t want to communicate with people on other OSs?
    the important thing here is making chatON user friendly and trully functional. I had to uninstall the yahoo messenger app on my sgs because it lags, though it offers more functionalities including video calls.

  5. In my books it’s a god thing that sammy have here, there is always space for one more BBM competitor, all that remains is just how far sammy is willing to advert and negotiate with carriers to give it support, if they can successfully make in work in south east asia, the USA, europe. Eventually it would trickle down to the rest of the world and make potential buyers lean more towards sammy devices. I have always said that Nokia missed the wagon on this and should get into the game, BBM should it works and with iMessage around the corner another sign that it works.

  6. I certainly will use it.

    Now lets take a look at the messenger apps from major players in the industry.

    BBM – only for Blackberry
    iMessage – only for iOS devices
    Facebook will have done it but we currently only have apps for Android and iOS.

    ChatON has the power to make it BIG.
    It even has apps for feature phones.
    All it needs is to be on all platforms and provide a gr8 experience.

  7. Belushi, Thanks for Noting that ChatOn was cross platform. If it is, then there is nothing barring me from tuning in when it becomes available. It should replace PingChat or Whatsapp for me if it is Much better!

    The question is when would it be available?

  8. Samsung chatON would gain much traction if it comes pre-installed on phones and free. I have noticed that the Nigerian market for mobile phones is unique. It would be wrong to think people will just use a new service just because it is cool, there are many other reasons. Why should someone having BBM use chatON? Gtalk is free and many folks having Blackberry do not have it or yahoo messenger. People, esp naija, love simplicity and familiar territory.

    let’s see how Samsung pulls this off.

  9. @jesse
    Nigerians would use it if it’s cool out there, all it requires is a spark to set it off. Yahoo messenger isn’t what it was many years ago, whether it’s here or abroad, Facebook chat has taken it’s spot and Gtalk never took off. There are even far fewer users of Gmail compared yahoo mail

  10. I am interested in the cross platform thing. So how do you chat with some one on BBM who has pin? Or will RIM suddenly open BBM for integration with chaton?

  11. when are we actually getting a proper knowledge of how the service is gonna be like??? when is the launch date/time?? i noticed the new SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE announced today comes with samsung chatON in its specs meaning new phones will now come with the feature.

  12. Seems like a cool idea but just needs a spark to go off like someone said earlier, it just has to be unique cos there are so many chat applications out there now, I’ll also agree with my bro chukwudi on the security thing 🙂

  13. I doubt samsung would go for a BBMesque security but nonetheless your conversations would be as secure as yahoo Messenger, and the other offerings around; I for one have heard someone complain about their IM conversation being hacked. With samsung gaining more and more marketshare these days, I can really see this taking off with proper marketing that is

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