WiMAX has lost the 4G battle to LTE In Nigeria

There was once a 4G battle between LTE and WiMAX. In lay man’s terms, both LTE and WiMAX are siblings that deliver 4G broadband internet. They are different technologies and both fought a battle to get picked as the world’s favourite LTE platform. The battle was fought in Nigeria too.

4G battle between LTE and WiMAX

WiMAX lost the 4G battle in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Networks like MTN HyNet, Spectranet, Multilinks, Swift and others all setup commercial internet services with WiMAX. All of those listed above have since converted to LTE. Like CDMA lost out to GSM, WiMAX has lost the 4G battle to LTE. WiMAX is dead in Nigeria. Eventually, perhaps it will go extinct worldwide as the human race plunges ahead with LTE for 4G broadband internet.

Globally, WiMAX didn’t stand a chance either

Globally, WiMAX smartphones did not take off strong either. There are few WiMAX mobile networks compared to LTE networks. It was even worse with compatible smartphones. Very few of them were ever made. HTC announced the first WiMAX enabled mobile phone, the Max 4G, on November 12, 2008. The device was only available to certain markets in Russia on the Yota network. Every where in the world, LTE deployment has left WiMAX in the dust.

If the technical differences between LTE and WiMAX interest you, see this guide.

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