WIN a brand new smartphone – and two others

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Here’s the most anticipated news item on MobilityNigeria till date – our WIN-a-smartphone promo announcement.

We are giving away one brand new top-end smartphone and two others. Count it: that’s three (3) devices!

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PS: If you are attending mobiFEST2010 today, feel free to walk up to our desk/stand to have a chat with members of the MobilityNigeria team. We’ll be on ground for the full-day event.

Find more details and enter for the promo at

This promo is valid till 30th September 2010.


  1. Good one, Yomi. I’d visit the promo page and check if I am eligible to participate in the promo. Good one! I am just sad that due to work schedule constraint, I may not be able to attend the MOBIFEST event as I earlier planned!!

  2. @Yomi,

    I tried to enter for the promo but could not proceed further after the page where one enters his name and other info. On clicking to continue, nothing happens. Please enlighten me. Moreso, one could only enter ten digits for phone number instead of eleven or the international format.

  3. deoladoctor,

    We have already received several submissions from the promo page. I also gave it a go again just now, and the submission worked. On what browser did this happen?

    I have fixed the phone number limit to now accommodate 11 digits. That was an error.

    Please have another go at it.

  4. I tried again just like Deoladoctor did this morning. No go. I work with IE8 and Opera browser 10.

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