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I am not a fan of the various lotteries that telecoms companies regularly run in the name of promos. However, Etisalat are running a promo that is quite intriging. Subscribers stand the chance to win one of two phones every single hour of the day for ninety days from Monday, 08 June 2009.

If you recharge your phone within the hour with N200 and text your State of Residence and Full Name to 5000, you stand the chance to win one of the following phones within that hour: Nokia 2680 Slide or Nokia 5130 Express Music.

For participants who load N500 and above and send the required text message to 5000, they stand the opportunity to win high-end phones like the Nokia E63, Nokia 6600 Slide, Sony Ericsson C902 or Samsung S8300 within the hour.

N200 and N500 every hour? Etisalat must be smiling to the bank right now.

My wife tells me that a number of her colleagues testify of people they know who have won phones in this promo. Do you know anyone who has?

There it is, if you want to give this a shot, go buy an Etisalat SIM and start firing. Let’s know too if you win a phone.

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  1. They are surely smiling to the bank! For the amount of phones they are giving out, they are probably raking in 1000 times (or more) as much! But I think the promo is a unfair & a bit too complicated for my liking too…I havent won & dont know of anyone who has…

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