Winding Down: Truecaller for Symbian OS and others

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Alongside some other mobile operating systems, Truecaller for Symbian OS will be discontinued by the end of September 2016. Other operating systems that will cease being supported by Truecaller later this year are Nokia Series 40 and BlackBerry 7.

Genesis: Truecaller for Symbian

One of the very first versions of Truecaller from 2009 was on Nokia’s Symbian OS, as pictured below:
Truecaller for Symbian

In a valedictory message, Truecaller paid tribute to these glorious platforms of years gone by in the following words:

When we began creating Truecaller in 2009, these phone types were at the top of their popularity, and because of them, Truecaller reached millions of people and helped their calling experience. With the evolution of how phones have changed throughout the years, so has the technology of Truecaller. These platforms simply cannot offer the kind of capabilities we need to explore and grow our app’s features for the future.

Moving Along Now

If you intend to keep using Truecaller and currently own a phone that falls under any of the platforms being discontinued, what you need to do is switch to Android, iPhone or Windows 10 Mobile. Come October 2016, Truecaller for Symbian OS, Nokia Series 40 and BlackBerry 7 SO will have been shut down.


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