Windows 10 Anniversary Update is ready!! Download Here

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A year ago, Microsoft officially launched Windows 10. After a bit of hesitation, I installed it and enjoyed every inch of it. Few days ago, Microsoft announced a Windows 10 Anniversary update for all users. Windows Insider users have already started enjoying some of it’s new features, but the update takes it to everyone.


Major features of the update:

  1. Bash shell : This brings Linux’s beloved Bash shell to Windows 10. Developers will definitely love this. It allows them run Linux commands on their PC, and it is powerful enough to run even graphical Linux software.
  2. Virtual Desktpop pins: This allows you pin an open app to a virtual desktop. If you always want a particular program in front and center. This makes it easy.
  3. The new update brings Dark Theme for those that think Windows 10 is too bright.
  4. Windows 10 users can now ties their operating syatem license to a Microsoft account. This is made possible with a new feature called “Activation Troubleshooter”.

There are other improvements to Edge browser, Cortana, visual changes to the start menu, and other new tweaks.

How to download it

If you have poor network reception, it is advised to use the Media Creation Tool to create appropriate ISO files. Follow the steps here.

For English users, download the update from the links below:

Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO x86 (32-bit) HERE.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO x64 (64-bit) HERE

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