Windows 10 Mobile Spectre security update is now rolling out

Posted by Mister Mobility

Right on the heels of Apple pushing out a Spectre security update to iPhones, Microsoft has rolled out same to Windows 10 Mobile phones. The Windows 10 Mobile Spectre security update notification identifies it as “2018-01 Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for arm-based Phone Devices”.

While Google has released the Spectre security update for Android OS too, the update has rolled out to only an insignificant amount of devices, specifically Pixel devices which are Google devices. This is because each manufacturer is responsible for releasing it to their devices.

So, if your Android device is yet to get protected from the Spectre vulnerability, blame your smartphone manufacturer, not Google.

No matter what Windows 10 smartphone it is you are using, this update is available for you now. If you have not been prompted on your phone, dive into your Software Update setting to manually check.

My Lumia 950 is installing the update as we speak. It is expected that after installing the update, you will notice about 30% performance depreciation. This is because of the way the solution to the Spectre flaw works – and this is expected on all platforms, be it Android OS, iOS, or Windows OS.

Have you received the Spectre security update on your smartphone? How has your experience with it been since you installed it?

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