This Windows 10 Universal app will track all your data usage

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Keeping track of your data usage is one crucial aspect of smartphone usage. Especially for one using a limited data plan. For Windows 10 users, there’s an app that can go further – breaking down data usage by the network device or by apps. Network Data can do that and

With this app, you can view data usage over time, filtering by all time, this month, this week, day, or even the past hour. Opening each network interface presents a graphical UI showing upload and download data. To check WiFi usage, there’s also another app from the same developers – WiFi Tool. This one shows detailed analysis of WiFi usage.


The Settings menu lets you switch themes (between light & dark), language, Live Tile design, and Notifications (for network connection and disconnection). Network Data as a universal app, runs on both phone and PCs. It costs $1.39, while WiFi Tool goes for $1.99.

Download Network Data for Windows 10 and Mobile HERE. Also check out Wifi Tool for Windows 10 and Mobile HERE.

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