Windows Mobile 6.5 Arrives Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is the day when Windows Mobile 6.5 is expected to hit the ground running officially. It is expected that upgradeable devices will receive free upgrades from the older version 6.1 of the OS.

wmAt this time, I am not sure whether or not the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 will receive an official upgrade. However, I have had the proviledge of running WinMo 6.5 on my X1 via custom ROMs made available by various developers. Besides finger-friendly icons, it does not offer much more than what currently obtains on WinMo 6.1.

Other new features that 6.5 offers include My Phone (data synchronisation) and the Windows Marketplace (an application that lets you purchase compatible apps for your device).


Do you own a Windows Mobile smartphone? Is it eligible for an upgrade? Do you have any expectations for Windows Mobile 6.5?


  1. Yomi, Congratulations to you in advance.Hoping for the bigger and the most anticipated window7 early next year.CONGRATULATIONS! i said again,the fun is yours.We shall be expecting a review of your own launch of window 6.5.

  2. Abubakar,

    I’m not so tripped about a WinMo 6.5 upgrade. It just adds too little. My X1 already runs TouchFlo 3D, which I am quite happy with. I don’t think I will trade that for a 6.5 upgrade. But then no-one is quite sure of an upgrade for the Xperia X1 anyway.

    However, if someone comes up with a bug-free 6.5 custom ROM with TouchFlo 3D, I will take a look.


  3. Not expecting much myself. Winmo 6.5 is just cosmetic. The good thing about Winmo interface upgrade delay is that nearly every Winmo device maker has come up with their own shell. What a variety to choose from these days: Samsung’s Touch Wiz, HTC’s Touchflo, Sony Ericcsson’s Panels, Acer Shell, i-mate Go etc

  4. Brym!

    True. The variety of user interfaces now available for WinMo is interesting. I am eyeing what Samsung is working out with TouchWiz on their newer WM devices. The new X2 TileWave panel from Sony Ericsson is also one I am hoping that someone ports over to the X1 too.

    But for now, TouchFlo 3D has got me hooked.

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