Windows Mobile Site Recommends iPhone and Android over WinMo!

Posted by is a website dedicated to featuring Windows Mobile devices, applications and services. In an item in which a “fatal flaw” of the new Windows Mobile MarketPlace is examined, says that Microsoft has committed an unpardonable sin.

Here are Microsoft’s transgressions:

Microsoft’s app store for Windows Mobile is detecting, by the way of SIM card, in which country given phone is located and is showing only apps destined for given country, not all apps

Developers are brutally (they have no choice) forced:
1. to pay 10 US dollars for each additional country where they would like to sell their apps; this per-country-fee must be paid each year on top of 99 US dollars, that also must be paid each year or apps will be removed from the store
2. to provide localized version of an app and localized (i.e. translated) descriptions

As such, users in Germany,for example, have much fewer apps available in the MarketPlace than users in the USA. One wonders how many applications will be available for Nigerian users – or if at all Nigeria will be supported in the app 😉

Anyway, concludes as follows:

Conclusion: in this situation, due to the fact that Microsoft has screwed up so badly their Windows Mobile app store (called officially “Windows Marketplace for Mobile”) we have no choice but to advice users clearly: DO NOT BUY WINDOWS MOBILE PHONE. Instead we recommend iPhone or phones powered by Google Android.

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  1. I beg lef mata“! msmobiles is forever ranting. Agreed, MS bungled with this move but should that make us stop buying Winmo devices?

    Not at all, as long as the platform still allows us to install apps sourced from outside WINDOWS MARKET PLACE this not really a big issue. Sooner or later MS will see the stupidity of their decision and reverse it.

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