Windows Phone 7 WiFi Time-out On the Lumia 610 Not About Screen Time-out

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Nokia Lumia 610

I keep reading about the WiFi time-out issue on Windows Phone. Almost everyone says that the active WiFi connection times out after the display switches off. However, my experience with the Lumia 610 has been different. In my use, many times the display is alive, yet the WiFi connection breaks and does not reconnect unless I dive into the Settings menu to go turn off, turn back on and manually re-connect to the hotspot it was connected to.

Perhaps this is a built-in power saving feature. Perhaps it is a bug in the OS, or something specific to this particular handset? I have no way of knowing. All I know is that it just doesn’t make sense that an active WiFi connection should break while I still have the phone in my hand and the display is still active. Makes no sense at all.

Whoever needs to fix this needs to fix it right away. As far as I can tell, Windows Phone is the only smartphone problem that has this issue, and it is a very bad one. I hate having to nurse a smartphone. Nursing this one because of a WiFi connection is just bad taste all the way.


  1. With these myriads of problems and irritations on the Windows Phone platform, using Windows Phone ought to require a lot of love, perseverance and faith too. The immaturity is simply overwhelming. A lot of irritation here and there.

    Hopefully, there could be a workaround to this one too.

  2. Its totally unacceptable for my Wifi to go off if I don’t tell it to.
    Even if I leave it on for hours without using it, the least I expect is a pop up to notify me and must be customizable too.

  3. Almost everyone says that the active WiFi
    connection times out after
    the display switches off

    on my Gingerbread Powered Android device, the data connection times out ONCE the screen goes off too.

    reading your paragraph gave me a feeling of dÊjâ vÛ!

    perhaps a technical person can explain the reason for these two similar scenarios?

    I have learnt to effectively circumnavigate this timeout peeve by using a third party app (what else?).

    Ensure the screen never times out when running specific apps on the device.

  4. I have not experienced this on gingerbread. some third party battery savers shut of the network when the screen goes out but not by default.that should be an issue with windows

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