Windows Phone 8 opens Marketplace to Nigeria

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The Windows Phone team blog has an article giving a first look at the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace. WinPhone Marketplace is where Windows Phone users purchase and download apps, games, video and music to their smartphones.

From the article:

…with Windows Phone 8 we’re dramatically expanding our footprint around the globe. Consumers will be able to browse and download apps in more than 180 countries at launch—roughly three times the 63 markets served today. Developers, meanwhile, will be able to submit apps to those same markets via App Hub, up from 38 markets.

That list of supported includes Nigeria. Finally. And about time too. With Windows Phone 8 looking really good, and now support for Nigeria, perhaps I can regain the interest that I lost in Windows Phone not too long ago.

Nigeria being officially supported in the Windows Phone Marketplace means that users based in Nigeria can purchase apps, games, music and video from the store> Hopefully, it should also mean that Nigeria-based developers have better access to submit their apps and make money.

The WinPhone Marketplace already has over 100,000 apps in there, a distant 3rd after Android’s Play Store and ahead of BlackBerry’s AppWorld.


  1. Now, Microsoft is talking. They are giving me new reasons to try out their device. First was the WP8 and now supporting my dear country. Even android is not letting go with the buttery smooth 4.1. Well, let’s see the first sets of WP8 devices then I will make my decision.
    Thank you Microsoft.

  2. Finally, Microsoft seem to be getting things right at last. Windows Phone is beginning to look like an option to Android after all.

  3. I expect Windows Phone to overtake iOS in the long run. Trust Nokia to flood emerging markets with entry level smartphones. Apple seems to be running out of innovation and its going to hurt them very soon. On the other hand, Microsoft is gathering steam. Windows Phone 8 will be more open than iOS if it isnt already. Microsoft’s willingness to bend and adapt will make Windows very very attractive

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