From Windows Phone back to Windows Mobile?

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For those who may not be old enough to remember, Microsoft’s mobile OS was once called Windows Mobile. It was a family of mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft and announced in 2007. It went through series of renaming but in its most matured form included Windows Mobile Professional for touch screen devices (with stylus use) and Windows Mobile Standard for non-touch smartphones. In 2010, Microsoft discontinued Windows Mobile and replaced it with Windows Phone.

The new Windows Phone was a complete break from Windows Mobile and so incompatible.

In recent times, in line with a push towards universal apps, Microsoft is looking to merge all three of its platforms under Windows 10. Reports say that the mobile version of Windows is now being referred to as “Windows Mobile” and “Windows 10 Mobile” internally at Microsoft.

Windows 10 Mobile

This new “Windows Mobile” refers to the version of Windows 10 that will run on both smartphones and tablets running Windows. It is all a very interesting development. Talk of going back to the future. Microsoft’s universal aps push sounds great and one can only wait to see how it is implemented.

A preview of Windows 10 for phones is expected by end of January 2015.


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