I was a participant at MTN Nigeria’s Ideas Forum held at the Southern Sun, Ikoyi yesterday. It was a very engaging time during which we


Windows Phone coming to Nigeria officially

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I was a participant at MTN Nigeria’s Ideas Forum held at the Southern Sun, Ikoyi yesterday. It was a very engaging time during which we discussed mobile apps development in Nigeria and MTN’s proposed mobile app store, as well as ways that the ecosystem can be enhanced.


I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with a number of great guys from strategic companies, including Opera and Microsoft.

I have it on good authority from the Microsoft official that Windows Phone is coming to Nigeria officially – and soon. So many people have been asking me this question, so I guess your blood pressures can return to normal now – or go up even more from the anticipation.


Oh, and I was told that the Nigerian launch is not going to be soft, so expect a lot of push from Microsoft here.

Meanwhile, do not forget that my written review of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is on the way.

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  2. Microsoft has always had great visibility and representation here in Nigeria. This would be a continuation of that tradition.

    Let us just hope that their devices would be affordable to the masses.
    By the way, where are those WindowsPhone8 Tablets?

  3. Oh no! I hate METRO UI, WP7.5 is a load of shit!, Nokia WP sucks and too expensive… Nokia sabre cost around £500

  4. The WP7 Metro UI is the best looking UI out there and the Nokia Sabre is priced at €300 to €350, the Nokia Sea Ray would cost close to €450 to €600, There still the Nokia Ace that’s is supposedly the flagship that would cost as much as the iphone

  5. @martinkem

    the cost of manufacturing these devices precludes them from being more cheaper than this .

    For survival of Nokia and Windows Phone, they need to try and at least match the competition in specs and pricing. When a company is the kind situation that Nokia is in right now, it has to take the competition very seriously. They excuse of manufacturing cost is not likely going to win them the massive ground they have lost already when their competitors are doing wonders with pricing.

  6. So when will Microsoft add Nigeria to the list of countries from where you can sign up if you wish to publish Windows Phone 7 apps? I’ve been waiting since the Marketplace launched last year…

  7. If WP is cheap or not, it still rubish!!! If it APPLE that manufactures that n9,wow,apple will release it globaly and with have more native apps but Nokia with his stupid ecosystem will not….

  8. I really dont hate WP what i hate are the thing I cant do with it.
    No BT file transfer, No USB file transfer, every thing has to be done through zune.

  9. Adeotri, I am with you on this. I love the user interface and integrated services. However, those limitations you pointed out keep me irritated. Hopefully, the OS will mature fast and take care of those issues.

  10. @Adeotri, @Yomi

    Neither can you do BT transfer with the iPhone … and not until latest iOS everything still had to be done through iTunes, but hey, she’s the media darling :p

  11. Its funny that people waited to get something, now they have it and you want them to leave it and wait again, comeon, this is 2012, if WP7 wants mind-share it has to Grow.

    Only Very few iPhone, Android or Symbian users will leave their OS for WP7 at the moment. But once WP7 comes to par on Functions, certainly people could jump ship.

    WP7 has prospects and I beg on Microsoft to please be very very fast with their updates.

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