Windows Phone Cramping my Business Style

Windows Phone Business

I have been on my 4-year old netbook this morning and working away. Okay, I also tweeted a bit and did some Facebook messaging. Fair enough. Most of the time, though, I was working. I was polishing a proposal that I had been working on for a few days. As usual, there was no public power supply and so I was running on generator power.

When the gen ran out of fuel, I just kept working on the netbook’s battery. I got the proposal completed, converted it to PDF format and uploaded to DropBox just in time. A few minutes later, the netbook’s battery ran out of juice. But, no problem; right? What’s the point of Cloud storage if not so one can access files across multiple devices? The proposal was on DropBox. Surely, I can download it to my smartphone and send it from there.

I picked up the Nokia Lumia 610, a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, launched BoxFiles for DropBox, the DropBox app that I have installed. I found the proposal and initiated download. Momentarily, I was notified that there was no PDF viewer available on the phone and saw a prompt to install it. Nice. Intelligent. I clicked to install and in a short while, it was installed and my proposal displayed. Real nice.

Knowing that WP doesn’t allow anything else but images to be attached from inside the email app, I hunted inside the PDF viewer for an option to send the file via email. Nothing. I launched Office and hunted for same option. Nothing.

What the blip is Microsoft pushing Windows Phone as a business-oriented OS for? Perhaps this has changed in WP 8? I doubt it. When I reviewed the Lumia 920, I still couldn’t attach anything other than pictures in the email app. That’s a business OS; right? Right. I doubt that the ability to send PDF files from Office has been added too.

For now, anyone who calls an OS that does not let you do something as basic as this a business tool needs to be dragged to the village square and stoned with rotten tomatoes till he recants.

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