Windows phones could disappear from the market by 2021

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If you are a fan of Microsoft’s Windows phones, you are a member of a dwindling population. We all know that the smartphone market is dominated by Android and Apple. This means that smartphones running on the Windows platform are not as sought-after all over the world. Note that this does not mean that there are no Windows lovers. However, by 2021 there might be no more new Windows phones.

According to a press release by the International Data Corporation, Windows Phone sales worldwide have experienced a decline. This is because many Original Equipment Makers (OEMs) have stopped producing phones for the platform. This phenomenon, according to IDC, will lead to a drop to 0.0 percent of the market share by 2021. What this means is that by the year 2021, there will be only 800,000 Windows phones worldwide.

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Right now, it’s not clear if Microsoft is making efforts to reverse this decline. However, the Microsoft Store online still displays a few Windows Phones. Microsoft is reportedly working towards the release of a new device called the Surface Phone, but the company has not announced release date for it yet. In any case, all the signs point towards a complete wipe-out of the Windows Phone from the market by 2021. Windows lovers, prepare for the worst.


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