Is it time to leave Windows Mobile platform? That was the question that a user asked Joe Belfiore. Joe is the Corporate Vice President responsible


Is it time for Windows Phone fans to abandon ship?

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Is it time to leave Windows Mobile platform? That was the question that a user asked Joe Belfiore. Joe is the Corporate Vice President responsible for Windows Phone efforts for Windows 10. His response to Windows Phone fans is insightful.


Windows Phone fans abandon ship

Is it time for Windows Phone fans to leave the platform?

According to Joe, the answer to this question depends who you are. He says that many companies still deploy to their employees and Microsoft will support them!


But he also admits that as an individual end-user, he has switched away from Windows Mobile in order to enjoy the greater app and hardware diversity. Well, we already knew that Microsoft executives were switching and shared that in our earlier post, Microsoft does not care whether you use Windows Phone or not.

Joe says that Microsoft will continue to support the platform with “bug fixes, security updates, etc”.


You can forget about getting new features on your Windows Phone or seeing any new phones going forward.

In other words, Joe has said what we all have known for a while: Windows Phone is dead and on life support.

Personally. Persona-Personally

Personally, I still enjoy using my Windows Phone device. it isn’t as bad as many people think it is. There are good apps for twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Office suite, and many other services available. As for the missing apps, many of them have functional mobile-friendly versions and Edge browser is quite good. So, my device gets the job done.


I miss a few apps. I miss the greater diversity of apps. It is one thing to have mobile apps and web apps for what you need. It is another to be spoilt for choice. I have my needs mostly met on Windows Phone, but I am certainly not spoilt for choice.

Over To You, Windows Phone Fans

If you are a Windows Phone fan, it is over to you now. The platform is dead and all you will get from now are boring security patches and the fixes. Nothing new. If you stay, you will be bored to death. if you need excitement or you need more apps, jump off this ship now.

Even existing apps on the platform are not likely to get a lot of love going forward. And despite my love of the platform, I know I am better off with an Android smartphone.


Will I be abandoning ship? By the grace of God. I wont be getting rid of my Lumia 950 though. Only death can separate us. Hopefully, it dies first. 😀

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  2. Mr M.O
    Your Lumia is already dead on arrival, just left to conduct a burial ceremony for it.

  3. Mr mo, I pray that your so-much-loved Windows phone dies before you. You can’t cling to Luma 950 forever. With time you will abandon it.
    But when you’re through with it let me buy it from you because I really want to have a feel of what makes that phone tick.

  4. Oladunni,

    LOL. Amen to that your prayer. But don’t worry; I’ve owned and used quite a number of great Android phones too. Even owned the occasional iPhone and iPad. I am not missing anything.

    As for me selling the Lumia 950, you will wait for a long time o….. 😁

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