I have played with an official build of WM 6.5 for about a day now, and while it does not feature the sleekiest user interface

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I have played with an official build of WM 6.5 for about a day now, and while it does not feature the sleekiest user interface on the block, I have found it enjoyable. My thoughts had been that after using TouchFlo 3D, there was no way I would like or enjoy using the 6.5 interface.

Surprise! I like it.

Unfortunately, this v6.5 ROM isw plagued by the same problem of poor quality video recording that I have encountered on every other v6.5 ROM I have played with on the X1. Unless I find a v6.5 ROM with excellent quality video recording, I will have to switch back to a v6.1 ROM – and TouchFlo 3D. Or perhaps I might just go get another phone for my video recording needs 😉

Anyway, enjoy the following screenshots:

WM 6.5 home screen with some extra plugins installed. Sweet

WM 6.5 start menu
WM 6.5 start menu

Viewing a contact
Viewing a contact

Editing a contact
Editing a contact

Browsing through the collection of applications on the MarketPlace
Browsing through the collection of applications on the MarketPlace

In all, I found the menus and icons finger friendly. The home screen works well and can be extended with a growing number of plugins.

In addition, Microsoft’s integration of its different services such that once the user’s Live ID details are entered in any one of the applications e.g. My Phone, those details are automatically inserted into the login fields for all of the other services e.g. Windows Live, MarketPlace. Saves users a lot of repeated typing of user login details.

While not an earth-shattering upgrade, Windows Mobile 6.5 is a significant improvement on the now dated 6.1. If your v6.1 phone is upgradeable, go for it!! If not, go flash a 6.5 ROM on it 😀


  1. Pastor Yomi,

    I could never imagine you were a geek like this. I have been following you on this flashing of ROM’s since you got the SE Xperia X1. Very impressive phone I must say; I am however yet to get one (upgradeable to 6.5, camera performance etc). I was hoping there would be an official ROM of 6.5 announced on the list of updates for the Xperia X1, but that has’t been the case.

    From all the demo’s of 6.5 I have seen, I think its quite a nice upgrade to the 6.1, at least it goes deeper into the menu system. We will however have to wait for the total revamp on the 7.0.

    I have a few questions for you; what is the speed of your X1 like now with the 6.5 ROM. And do you know if there is any application that can use part of the device memory as RAM of if the phone itself can do that?

    Somi Jaiyesimi

  2. Somi,

    Question first: is this the same Somi Jaiyesimi from Archi or a clone? 🙂

    Now to your question, after a short while, I noticed a small lag in the flashed 6.5 ROM’s menus. When I clicked an item, there was a slight pause before the item responded. This didn’t go down well with me.

    Perhaps it was a bad flashing operation. Or perhaps it was that particular ROM. This issue hasn’t been reported in official updates though, so it certainly does not look like a v6.5 problem.

    I am not aware of any such app that can use part of the device’s memory as RAM. I doubt if the phone itself can do that.

    And, ahem, can we drop the ‘pastor’ tag please? 😉 Cheers!

  3. Yomi,

    Alright, I have dropped the tag o. This is the same Somi Jaiyesimi from Archi not a clone.

    That small lag will likely be a problem for me too. Did you experience such with the TouchFlo 3D version 6.1 ROM by Smaberg, Touch X 10.1 ULTIMATE X-TREME “FINAL”, which you say is the most stable ROM you have found so far?

    Is the new TouchFlo 3D ROM available; the one with the colour icons as used on the HTC HD2?

    Are there cab files for the HTC Sense (used on the HTC Hero and the new HTC HD2) and you tried it out on your X1 yet? If you haven’t, I think you should; seen some demo videos and it looks cool.

    Wont it be nice to have such a ram optimizing app/feature as some Nokia’s have such as some E-Series, N-Series even the latest N900 has it, boosting its RAM from 256 MB of operating memory (SDRAM) to about 1Gigabyte (by utilizing 768 MB of NAND-based virtual memory (swap)). Let me know if you find anything.

  4. Somi,

    No problems at all with Touch X 10.1 ULTIMATE X-TREME “FINAL”. That ROM is my fall-back ROM, in the sense that regardless of what other ROM I try out, I return to it. Its a work of perfection, as far as ROMs go.

    Before I went ROM-flashing, I had tried out series of CABs for different UIs, including Sense. They didn’t cut it for me. There was usually one bug here, one issue there.

    Will keep you updated, though the X1 won’t last much longer in my hands. As a rule, I upgrade phones regularly. That’s the way I get to keep up-to-date with the different new devices.


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