Windows Phone grows faster than Android, gains ground at BlackBerry’s expense?

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According to a new research from Kantar, Windows Phone is growing at a slightly faster rate than Android, which is saying something considering the viral-like nature of Android’s growth. But that isn’t all. BlackBerry’s market share dropped from 2.6% to 0.9%, and Windows Phone grew from 3.7% to 5.6% in the first quarter of 2013. All these are U.S. figures only, of course.

A marketshare of 5.6% isn’t much, but a growth of 3.7% to 5.6% is about 66% increase and not inconsequential. I wonder what the global take on this is though. No doubt, we shall get those soon enough. It was also recently reported that Windows has captured 7.5% of the tablet market. While these figures are not earth shaking, they must be good news for Microsoft. And for Nokia too.


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