Huawei has called Windows Phone weak, and also mentioned that they are open to acquiring Nokia if the Finnish brand is willing. Before you laugh

Windows Phone is weak, says Huawei

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Huawei has called Windows Phone weak, and also mentioned that they are open to acquiring Nokia if the Finnish brand is willing. Before you laugh off the acquisition bit, Huawei are currently the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer, behind Samsung and Apple. Yes; do not laugh. But of course, Nokia also has a thriving feature phone market.

Anyway, back to the focus on what Huawei has to say about Windows Phone OS. Note that the Chines brand also has Windows Phone smartphones in the market, so they have handled it for sure. Here is the quote from the Financial Times:

“Whether Windows Phone [will be] successful is difficult to say – it has a very small market share. [Windows Phones] are weak but still require a licence fee. That’s not good. Android is free.”

This was supposedly said by Richard Yu, chairman of Huawei’s consumer business group. Some clear points there. Android being free from Google gives it an edge over Windows Phone. But then, while Android is free from Google, it is not totally free, as major manufacturers pay Microsoft for software licenses embedded in it. Funny that Microsoft actually makes money off Android.

Anyway, I love Windows Phone, and having used it in comparison to Android, I am personally inclined to agree that it is the weaker option right now if stood beside Android. Does that mean it has no merits? Most certainly not. After all, women are regarded as weaker vessels and yet pack a wallop. Incidentally, I am currently using a Windows Phone smartphone as my daily driver.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Huawei boss, or you think he is just trying to make a case for Nokia’s acquisition?


  1. It’s simply business as usual. From a business sense he is right. Windows phone will remain a niche player for a long time. Tho most android OEMs make little or no profit except Samsung (HTC & LG), switching to WP platform in this market won’t guarantee profits as its more expensive to license WP compared to the royalty charges payed to use android. WP is a really great platform but the dynamics of the market has changed, it’s difficult to compete with free.

  2. Huawei and its backers, the Chinese government, will say and do anything to bring about the downfall of western businesses and infrastructure for profit. See them in action in Nigeria now.

    Windows phones are perhaps what they say they are but I believe I’ll verify that myself and make comparisons with my Samsung Galaxy Note II. Trust them not at all.

  3. Windows phone may not be strong as an os but certainly weak as a tool for business at this point in time.If WP were to be acceptable business wise nokia should have maintained its top position but reverse is now the case.Huawei only want to acquire nokia to take advantage of its world wide market channels for the production of android as we had seen with its launch of Ascend6 smart phone.However,huawei plan purchase of nokia could not mean for android usage alone afteral it make WP devices too,and could also take advantage of the new likely successful Oses e.g firefox, ubuntu or sailfish in the future taking advantange of already established nokia market channels.Huawei is becoming a phenomenon given its mark in telecom network equipment &services and making mobile devices.

  4. My understanding of Mr. Yu’s use of weak to qualify Windows Phone hinges more on market share/penetration than just the UX and functionality embedded in Windows Phone, but I think undue restrictions and reduced functionality also make for the poor market share/penetration of Windows Phone.

    In any case, I think he is correct because Windows Phone is neither as powerful and feature rich as Android nor does it have anything close to three market share of Android devices and Windows Phone pricing has not been helping matters at all, though Nokia seem to have started taking the pricing area into serious consideration with their launch of the Nokia Lumia 520.

    The turn of events lately have somehow convinced me that Windows Phone may just survive after all.

  5. Windows Mobile did not occupy a chunk of the mobile market, but still carried on in spite of it. They never aspired to be iOS or even Android and they survived until WM was replaced by WP.

    Bearing that in mind, no matter how weak Mr Yu claims Windows Phone is, judging by Microsoft’s track record, I expect it to soldier on and be around for some time to come. Let Mr Yu’s company stick with what works for them – making Android phones.

  6. weak in pricing, weak in popularity, weak with hardware vendors, even weak with microsoft itself …….
    How ever one dislike Android……

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