Why are Windows Phone lovers head over heels in love with the platform despite how badly it is doing on all sides? Mister Mo answers

You have to pry the Lumia 950 out of my cold, dead hands!

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Why are Windows Phone lovers head over heels in love with the platform despite how badly it is doing on all sides? Mister Mo answers the question.

Last night, in the course of a Twitter discussion, a mobilista requested that I give him my beloved Lumia 950. I replied that he would have to pry the thing out of my cold, dead hands. Of course, he was joking. And he expressed the sentiment that he thought he was the only Windows phone lover left out there.

News flash. There are still multitudes of us out there. Yes; Android has almost 90% of the global smartphone market in terms of sales numbers. The iPhone has about 90% of the profit. Both Android and iOS have tons of apps.

Which Way, Windows Phone Lovers?

What does Windows Phone have? Next to zero markets share, an ever reducing library of apps and absolutely no profits. Oh, Windows 10 Mobile still gets regular software updates. That’s something. Scratch that; it is nothing. Why? I get those updates on my Lumia and I cannot tell that anything has changed thereafter. Windows phone has nothing to brag about anymore.

But guess what, Windows Phone lovers are head over heels in love with the platform all the same.

Please hold my beer while I throw a few questions at you. When you fell in love with your boo, was it because the rest of the world loved him or her? Was it because 90% of the people in the world approved? Was it because she was smarter than 90% of all women or men? Or richer? No? It wasn’t because of any of those reasons? And you love them all the same? There you go.

You already have your answer to the question you were going to ask me. You already know why some of us still love Windows Phone. We love it because we love it. You can give us all the reasons why we shouldn’t be caught dead or alive with a Windows Phone, and we would still hug our Lumias and their siblings from other mothers.

Lumia 950 Takes Great Photos Too

lumia 950 and 950xl - Windows phone lovers
In the case of the almost two years old Lumia 950, it still shoots some of the best pictures ever from a smartphone. After a meeting with a client a few weeks ago, the group needed to take a picture and a good camera was needed. I pulled my Lumia 950 out of my pocket and offered it. Someone said he hoped the photo would come out nice. I chuckled.

We took a look at the photos afterwards and everyone marveled at how great the photograph came out. Suddenly, the Lumia 950 became the subject of discussion. Two of the gentlemen wanted to know where to buy one and all. The Lumia 950 is that good a cameraphone.

Knowing their mobile lifestyles, however, I did let them know that if they wanted one, they would have to deal with some travails, including lack of some apps they use on their Android phones. Love is not blind; it sees faults. The decision as to whether they can live with a Windows Phone or not will be theirs to make just like I had made mine.

Ride-or-die Lovers

Windows Phone lovers are real ride-or-die people. Android and iOS fanboys keep yelling at us, “Windows Phone is dead!” We hear you all. We still love it. It may be dead to you, but it is alive not just in our hearts but also in our hands. Is it your dead?

However you choose to look at it, if you want my Lumia 950, you will have to kill me and then pry it out of my cold, dead hands. And I promise you that even in death, you will have your work cut out for you. This is love till death – mine or the phone’s – do us part.

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  1. Not surprising knowing your love for great cameras. Will probably go the your N8 or was 801? I cannot recall.

  2. Yes o. I’m a lover of great cameraphones. Yes; I had the Nokia N8 and the Nokia 808 Pureview also spent some time in my hands.

  3. As we all have our reason for sticking to what we love very much, that is the case of Window phone here. All though I’m not an Window phone fan but I know some people around that still use it. All the same, there’s still more upgrade to be done on it.

  4. My Microsoft Lumia mobile phone serves all my needs. The Live Tiles keep me informed and the OS is clean easy and modern.
    Support what you like, or be part of the problem.

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