Windows Phone OS conquering territories, heading for 2nd place in smartphone market

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Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone is on a roll, and it is beginning to show. Having fought and won the race for the coveted 3rd ecosystem by beating back BlackBerry, Windows Phone seems now set to tackle the more difficult task of unseating iOS from the 2nd spot. Reports tell of the platform knocking its way through the smartphone market.

– In the Middle East, Windows Phone now outsells the iPhone, taking 2nd place after Android.
– In India, Windows Phone now outsells the iPhone, taking 2nd place in that country’s smartphone market.
– In Latin America, Windows Phone takes second place
– In Russia, Nokia has overtaken Samsung as mobile market leader through pushing both Asha and Windows phone devices.

The summary of all the above is that Windows Phone is gradually hacking, kicking and knocking its way from 3rd place to 2nd place in the global smartphone market. The Middle East and Latin America are two blocks made up of several countries, making the conquest of those territories a big deal. I wrote back in September 2012 that iOS will end up third in the smartphone ecosystem. Looks like that prophecy won’t be long in finding fulfilment. That is if Windows Phone keeps up this momentum.

Lumia 520: Mighty Conqueror

It needs be said: the hero device championing Windows Phone’s conquests is the lowly Nokia Lumia 520. All hail the diminutive warrior. Like I keep saying, the battle will be fought and won in the low end segment. A word is enough for the wise.

The Lumia 520 controls 13.3% of the total Windows Phone market. Here is a chart illustrating the rise of this stone that the builders rejected, courtesy of AdDuplex :

Rise of the Lumia 520

All hail the king!

  1. If Nokia had continue the good work I would not have any doubt but Microsoft with Nokia’s hardware ,I just hope they make mid range phones.
    Mr Mo it’s good to see your beloved OS climbing the market shear ladder.

    And I also have a prophesy that windows 8.1 PRO tablets with BAY TRAIL chipsets will dethrone android tablet

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