Windows Phone will never pass 2% marketshare Windows Phone will never be number three Windows Phone is dead All the above turned out to be

Windows Phone OS is proving critics wrong

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  • Windows Phone will never pass 2% marketshare
  • Windows Phone will never be number three
  • Windows Phone is dead

All the above turned out to be wrong. Windows Phone is the established number 3 smartphone platform globally. Windows Phone has passed 2% marketshare globally. Windows Phone is growing. Dead things don’t grow.

While I loved the concept of Windows Phone, especially the elegant user interface, from the get-go, I wasn’t quite a huge fan of Windows Phone 7, especially on low to mid end devices. Gosh! The Lumia 610 gave me migraines every day. But then, along came Windows Phone 8, and it turned out to be a different beast entirely. Whatever grouses I held against Microsoft based on my experience with Windows Phone 7, I forgave them once I experienced Windows Phone 8. Okay, okay, I’m still holding that email attachment limitation against them (Fix it, guys!! Fix it!!!)

But Windows Phone 8 is a very modern smartphone OS that almost matches Android OS in innate functionality. There’s USB mass storage, file management, multi-tasking (albeit different), media file downloads in the browser, a notification area (for those who cried and wailed for it), and hundreds of thousands of apps in the Store (with more coming in daily), Windows Phone OS is a viable alternative to Android OS.

There will always be preferences. Apple fans will always love the iPhone. Android fans will always love that OS. But for people who have not sworn allegiance to any one particular OS at a shrine somewhere, and who are wondering if Windows Phone can meet their needs, this is Mister Mobility staking his integrity on it and saying, it very likely will. If you end up not liking Windows Phone, it won’t be because it doesn’t meet your needs. It would be that you prefer something else. Which is okay. If you try Windows Phone and it doesn’t float your boat, you have Android, BlackBerry, iOS and other smaller platforms to pick from. Choices are good. Exercise yours.

For someone like me, I am likely to always own both an Android and Windows Phone smartphone at any point in time. I am rooting for these two to lead the pack. Oh, yes; Windows Phone was up to a slow start, but not every plant or animal grows at the same pace. They all grow though. Windows Phone is growing and proving critics wrong. It will continue to do so. Quote me. I said it before. I will say it again.


  1. if we can just interrupt the obstreperous effusiveness for a while…

    Where is this predicted growth going to come from? (….there is no gain without loss..)

    Android and iOS fans are quite passionate about their platform, and you can be sure the majority aren’t shifting to WindowsPhone…not any time soon .

    The little gains by WindowsPhone will probably come from three sources…those dumping the cadaverous BlackBerry, those using a smartphone for the first time {coming from feature phones). .
    .. and curious /adventurous iOS /Android users,..

    Collectively these don’t amount to much.

    No, I won’t pull my money on WindowsPhone pulling any major stunts. They could grow marginally, but it won’t likely be anything to make Satya Nadella Of MicroSoft shout Kumbaya.

    To attract users from the stranglehold of the dominant platforms, it would take something cataclysmic…far more than me_too halfhearted implementations.

    And, no, miracles happen. So, no quotes.

  2. Nice to see positive articles about Windows Phone for a change. This is good.

  3. Dear Eye-bee-Kay, BlackBerry and Simbian did not look like they could be stopped. Yet, Android and iOS managed to grow. The good heads aren’t limited to Cuppertino and Mountain View. Windows Phone if proven to be a better proposition (which it is ????) can get users from other platforms.

  4. People are not as tied to a mobile phone platforms as we would like to think (maybe it speaks more about us?).

    For every one who switches platform because they “love” (in a yeye temperamental kind of way) a device or operating system, many others are switching mobile platforms because they’re bored and want to try something different. It’s that simple. Some like it and stick with it, others dislike it and change for something else. I know enough people who have left Android for iPhone, BlackBerry for Android and iPhone for Windows Phone.

    Give people enough reasons and they will switch platforms, regardless of their investment in it.

  5. Sure, (some) people get bored with using the same platform (thing) indefinitely . But there is this truism about not changing a winning horse..

    Geeks are gadget and platform prostitutes. They like experimenting. But their number is negligible, comparatively.

    The average person, the majority sticks with what works for him. He also encourages his friends and associates to embrace what he believes works for him.

    I therefore don’t see lots of people capriciously changing over to windowsphone just for the sake of change . I certainly won’t.

    Like I mentioned in an earlier comment, Windowsphone would need to offer much more than just catching up with the current Leaders. People would need to see specific advantages to change.

    In a race, if your opponent is far ahead of you, the only ways you can narrow the gap substantially are if the Leader gets complacent or you put in uncommon effort by trying far harder than ordinary.

    It remains to be seen if Windowsphone has what it. takes to really really Rev up and do extraordinary things..

  6. It appears you don’t use low end Droids ,if you do you will know why windows phone have an advantage over android.

  7. One EXTRAORDINARY thing windows phone did was to allow installation of apps on SD. Most low end droids come with 4GB of app storage which doesn’t last.

    That’s enough for people to just ship ???? and don’t let us to start talking about lag and lack of updates for some droids plus windows phone is smooth and Good looking, And features wise WP8.1 is second to none on low end market and second to Droids in the high end segment.
    60% of droids in the wild are low end. do the math.

  8. Till I can find a very good. epub reader on Windows Phone 8, I will not be tempted.

    For someone like me, I am likely to always own both an Android and Windows Phone smartphone at any point in time

    For me it’s a qwerty (Blackberry), Android tab (and a 4.7-5′ device with a decent e-reader app)

  9. I never for once spared WindowsPhone any thought. I was always hooked on Blackberry (cheapest subscription) and Android until Airtel Nigeria surprised me with a Lumia. Ever since then I’ve been hooked.
    Granted that WP isn’t optimal yet but the growth rate is wow! UI is a breeze and functionality is outta this world.
    While I hope for more improvements, I agree with Mr. Mo that is stamping its presence in the mobile world

  10. We can all yada yada yada all year long…doesn’t change the fact that WP has tremendous room for growth and improvement. The indices are there and most have already been stated by Mr. Mo: file management, great app selection (note: I said great not numerous) et al. WP has set itself on a straight and sure path to winning the hearts of many…now that’s something Android and iOS should be wary of…

  11. Kaylese Emele
    June 2, 2014 at 08:46
    Khene Fiction Book Reader is quite fair if U ask

    I looked it over. Hmmm! not half bad. not half bad at all. maybe I can convince myself to grab a 1320 now

  12. The arguments here seen not to take into account that there exists a portion (a large portion) that buy devices entirely based on what they see advertised (heck we all know how much Samsung spends on advertising their phones). I happen to know people that own mobile phones basically because of adverts. my friend happens to own an iphone, lumia, blackberry and galaxy s4 and is not a techie but buys these devices because she has to have the hottest devices.

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