Windows Phone Rooms to be shut down in March

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First, most Hubs disappeared from Windows Phone. Now, the Rooms feature will be dropped from the OS in March. Microsoft say they are making way for new features in Windows 10 that will help users stay in touch with the people that matter most. From March, rooms will no longer show up on Windows Phone devices. Users will still be able to access their photo albums, calendars and notes, either on the web or by using other apps on your phone, but will be unable to see their chat history or send or receive any new chats.

Users will not be able to create new rooms, make membership or permission changes, or send new messages after the shutdown.

This is a sad day for members of Mobility Arena’s WP Room, as well as other users of the feature. Come March, its goodbye. In the meantime, users await the new messaging features that Microsoft say they were working on.

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