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Android’s market share closes in on that of Windows


Mar 8, 2017

Microsoft’s Windows OS has been the most popular operating system around. However, that looks like it’s about to change. StatCounter, a web analytics company, revealed that Google’s Android OS has come quite close to matching Windows’ market share

Android market share

According to StatCounter, five years ago this would have been unthinkable. As at January 2012, Windows had a stranglehold on internet usage at 82 percent. But as at February this year, Windows OS internet usage had declined to 38.6 percent and Android was right behind with 37.4 percent. This trend is caused by the increasing use of mobile devices running on Android OS to connect to the internet, as opposed to the use of desktop computers. Also, sales of traditional PCs have declined all over the world.

However, Windows still owns the desktop OS market at 84.1 percent market share. But then, internet usage is shifting more towards mobile devices. Furthermore, according to StatCounter, mobile devices connected to the internet first overtook desktop and laptop internet usage in October 2016. Since then, mobile devices have dominated internet usage in various parts of the world. Also, Android dominates in developing regions, with a market share of 51.8 percent compared to Windows’ 29.8 percent.


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