Microsoft’s new Windowsphone 7 OS got off with a flying start today with the announcement of a deluge of devices, many of which will be

WindowsPhone 7 off to a flying start with a deluge of devices

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Microsoft’s new Windowsphone 7 OS got off with a flying start today with the announcement of a deluge of devices, many of which will be in the market in weeks.

HTC took the spotlight with five (5) devices announced. They include:

  1. HTC 7 Surround: 3.8″ display. Features a Dolby Mobile system with SRS WOW HD sound. Exclusive to AT&T in the US
  2. HTC 7 Mozart: 3.7″ display. 8 megapixel camera. Built from a single piece of aluminum.
  3. HTC 7 Trophy: a 3.8″ display
  4. HTC HD7: 4.3″ display. T-Mobile.
  5. HTC 7 Pro: slide-out QWERTY keyboard. For Sprint

wp7 htc

Samsung have two devices in their WP7 lineup:

  1. Samsung i8700 Omnia 7 – 4″ Super AMOLED screen
  2. Samsung Focus for AT&T – 4″ Super AMOLED screen. Has microSD slot.


LG also has two (2) devices announced:

  1. Optimus 7 – 3.8″ display
  2. Optimus 7Q – 3.5″ with QWERTY keyboard


lg quantum

Surprise, surprise! Dell throws in the Dell Venue Pro, a vertical slider with a QWERTY keyboard, 4.1″ AMOLED display with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

This is quite a show of force for Windowsphone 7 at launch. It is certainly a more spectacular launch compared to Android’s launch with just the T-mobile G1. Can WP7 wip up the frenzy required to push it into contention in the mobile smartphone market?

I am hoping so, if only for the sake of competition.


  1. one thing that is immediately apparent is the big screen sizes of these phones.

    i hope this new os is resource efficient enough to manage all the pixels without negative impact on battery life…

  2. This is a great show of force! Unlike Nokia with its Symbian ^3 OS and Nokia N8, most of the devices would be available within weeks after the launch! Although I should say that most of the Windows phone 7 devices have leaked on the internet prior to now.

    Meanwhile, these are a good line-up for Microsoft WP7. And I also believe that they would be quite high priced. Definitely not for the masses! Probably for the enterprise and maybe also for status symbol as Blackberry is doing!

    In terms of usability and fluidity of User interface, only a hands-on experience would determine!

  3. Well we ‘ve seen the eye candy os and form factors but lets wait and see their capabilities compare to other OS(es).Another symbian^3 phone C7 is also shipping today.Either ways, i still like the DELL’s form factor,beautiful.

  4. I don’t see them coming cheap or even moderately priced, but unfortunately, that will be a great determinant.

  5. This is not the Winmo i used to know.
    Lets see how it goes.

    For looks only, those HTC phones are so beautiful.

  6. I’m surprised at 2 things:
    -the large screen sizes; and
    -the number of devices being launched with WinPhone7.

    I wouldn’t but any WinPhone7 device for the following reasons [as quoted on
    – No Bluetooth file transfer;
    – No USB Mass Storage Mode;
    – No Memory card support;
    – No multitasking;
    – No Copy & Paste;
    – No system-wide File Manager;
    – Too dependent on Zune software for computer file management and syncing [much like iDevices and iTunes];

    Yes, yes, I know, WinPhone7 is still in development. But by the time they finally include some of the missing specs listed above, they may not be able to see the brake lights of Android, Symbian, iOS, and Blackberry OS.

    Well, only time will tell.

  7. I’m definitely in love with the Metro UI of the Windows phone 7. It’s a pity it doesn’t have copy and paste (i can’t leave without it) or multitasking (i usually have two browsers running). I totally love the Dell portrait slide

  8. Personally, an OS that makes it difficult to transfer files between the phone and a computer is a no-go for me.

    WP7 is really looking like iOS (especially in the earlier years) – too locked down; too limited:

    – Dependence on Zune for file management and syncing
    – No system-wide file manager
    – No Bluetooth file transfers
    – No USB mass storage mode

    Give me a call when WP7 grows up. Next?

  9. there are still so much work to be down on this OS. we certainly will be seeing so many updates and looks like OS fragmentation will be reduced becos of the minimum standard set by Microsoft and no manufacturer customisation. but seriously Symbian remains the most matured OS and all it needs is better interface.

  10. hhnmmm… lovely toys they are… however, the limtitations wont make any of them work for me.. at all. well, i think microsoft is already listening as they have announced a software update to allow for copy and paste by first quarter next year. how can one put his like 100k on any of these devices and you cannot do small copy and past? what??? though i must really give it to microsoft as they really went back to the drawing board and rebuild this OS right from the scratch. check out the videos and you will know its in no way identical (in appearance and functionality) to the windows 6.5 or any of the former OS. for now, their limitations will keep me off… i’ll rather dine with android… may give them a try much later, like Yomi said, when they grow up.

  11. @Yomi – Right On!! I tried saying the same thing last night, but my comment refused to go through.

    Other missing specs are: –

    – No Memory card support;
    – No Copy & Paste;

    I wasnt impressed by the specs of WinPhone7, but I admit I’m surprised at how manufacturers are investing in it. Microsoft had better release major updates very soon. I read that copy/paste will be available by early 2011 [too far ahead, by my view]. As it is, I wont consider buying any WinPhone7 phone for at least a year.

  12. The odd thing is that I won’t be surprised if WP7 devices do very well on the market. It looks like people like us are an insignificant portion of the market. Regular folks are likely to have little to complain about.

    The only images on most people’s phones are those taken with the onboard camera. Copy and paste? For what?

    If the iPhone sold well inspite of its limitations then, there’s hope for WindowsPhone in its current state.

  13. Copy and paste in the next update why they didn’t put in it before releasing this OS. OS redesigning all i see is the UI. Symbian is definitely the most matured but really needs more apps. I love to wait for a meego device love the hackability of n900. Yomi are you still using the n900 how many apps are available for it and how many do u have installed

  14. @yomi, how much is the phone cost. where can i get it if i want to.i am in port- harcourt. thanks.

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