WindowsPhone Mango is ready; Fujitsu announces first device

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Windows Phone Mango
Microsoft is pushing out WindowsPhone Mango out to manufacturers already and we can expect new devices, as well as updates to be pushed out to existing devices.

Mango brings 500 new features to the WindowsPhone platform. Those features include: multitasking, improved IE9 with hardware acceleration and support for HTML5, combined messaging threads, email conversation view, among others.

Fujitsu have announced the very first WindowsPhone Mango device, a waterproof smartphone with a 13.2 megapixel camera named Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T.

We are not likely to ever see it in these parts, as it is targeted at the Japanese market only.

  1. This policy of naming versions of OSes, companies, etc, after processed foods, fruits and vegetables -is so hilarious, as well as memorable.

    Just like naming cars after animals, ho ho hoo

    Now that Microsoft – one of the biggest software company -has teamed up with the biggest phone (hardware)manufacturer (Nokia), let us see how the mobile supremacy war will dovetail.

    Apple & Co watch out. MicroPHONEsoft! is now about to incinerate you guys!

  2. Hope Nokia WP7 will come with Sherry Mango because it is expected to be Exceptional.

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