Winner of the Nokia E7 Blogger Rave – Presentation Event

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Nokia West Africa ran a Blogger Rave promo with a prize of a free nokia E7 for the winner. We had already announced the winner and he had posted a comment that he had picked up his prize from Nokia.

Here we present some information from the presentation event, courtesy of Nokia.

The winner is Mr. Malik Is-Haq Oladipo, a 500 level medical student of the University of Ilorin. He came in from Ilorin to pick up the prize. Nokia execs say they were impressed that a medical student was interested in techy issues (actually, our ardent followers on this site include students, lawyers, medical doctors, caterers, front desk officers, bankers, businessmen, and more).

During the presentation event, Mr. Is-Haq Oladipo said, among other things, that he is an ardent follower of Mobility Nigeria (Yay! Thumbs up!).

Here’s a short excerpt from his speech:

“I want to thank Nokia for keeping their word. I also feel very fulfilled to be appreciated for what I am passionate about. Though I am a medical student, I have alwas been quite techy. This is what people find strange about me… but that’s me”

Below is a picture of James Rutherfoord, General Manager Nokia West Africa presenting the Nokia E7 to Malik Is-Haq Oladipo (left). Standing by is Osagie Ogunbor, Communications Manager Nokia West Africa.

BloggerRave E7 winner


  1. hey i know that guy! Wait a minute that’s me! . . . . . lol. Just dropped in to say hi.

  2. @spacyzuma thanks. I already checked out the site some days back. Unfortunately internet service has been terrible these days over here. EDGE speeds average between 4 and 10kBps and some of them are even introducing ‘4G’ service just to claim to be the first to do so.

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