Without the Internet


I first went online in early 2008 when my mum got free PCI modems from the now defunct Zoom network. We subscribed to the night plan and since then I’ve always found one way or the other the connect to the internet.

Recently, MTN, my service of choice for anything data started messing up and I was offline for a week plus. It was an experience that made me realize my (over)dependence on the internet.

I practically lived in my browser either on mobile or PC.  With the sync feature of Google Chrome I was able to carry over my browsing sessions from my PC to mobile and back. That one week was like hell cause I did everything in my browser and when I say everything i mean everything!.

I stream videos and live matches online, share WiFi with at least three devices at a time, catch up on my social networks and also take my online classes all in my browser.

That week sure was hell for me. What do you do when whatever network that you use pulls a plug and pray episode on you and you are left without the internet? How do you cope?

Emmanuel is a video blogger who shares his love of technology with the world. Check out his videos at Geekception.

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