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Dating is a complicated game. Some people tend to navigate their way through it without any problems, while some others tend to need help. For example, to lots of people every single word spoken by a potential lover most definitely means something else. These folks then turn to their friends to decode these hidden messages. However, why limit yourself to just your friends, when you could have a much bigger crowd helping you out with your dating conversations? WittyThumbs helps you in that aspect, so you don’t have to sweat it.

WittyThumbs is an online service that helps you improve your online conversations by making it easy to ask strangers how you did. Daters would upload screenshots of their conversations, long with a goal (get a date, figure out if he/she is into me, etc), along with specific questions. These conversations get graded by the user community and a team of dating and relationship experts. This service is useful for “any time you’re wondering how you did, what something meant or what the next move should be”, according to the site.WittyThumbs

WittyThumbs is run by YC-based startup Hermes, and it is meant to help daters make sense of the nuances of digital communication. This could get annoying when ego, emojis and heart are involved. The site boasts of being able to teach you to start a conversation with someone you met online, make enough of a connection to want to chat more in person, and then set up a date. Users would get trustworthy advice that is healthy, ethical and grounded in years of experience with thousands of real-life dating situations. Furthermore, the conversation skills you gain can be used in any social interaction.

Also, the site has a live feature for users who are willing to pay by the minute. In this section you start at $30 for half an hour of advice. This service would be great for daters everywhere who need guidance on their forays into the online dating world.

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